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Dec 4, 2009 03:26 PM

Masa Woburn

I've been meaning to try the Wobun outpost for a while and earlier this week I had the opportunity to check it out for lunch.

The restaurant itself is very nice considering its strip mall location (a former Bear Rock Cafe). To begin with we were served a basket of ciabatta-like bread and moist cornbread w/ a Southwestern twist. The bread were accompanied by a honey butter, chipolte cream cheese spread and a Southwesten hummus. Good stuff.

The 3 of us tried the Chipotle Spiked New England Clam Chowder, Brioche Crouton, with Vino Jerez. I ordered this with a bit of disquietness because I'm sure, like many of you, I'm fairly particular about my "chowdah" This was amazing, the Jerez made it reminiscent of a lobster bisque, taste-wise, not thickness-wise and the potato to clam ratio was right on. It would be worth going back just for this.

I had the "Venezuela" from the sandwich section. Sweet Scallion Arepas with Grilled Skirt Steak, grilled Red and Green Salsas, Avocado.

The presentation seemed to be a play on a burger (dare I say a deconstructed burger). An Arepa on bottom with avocado spread onto it, some iceberg lettuce some hot house tomato slices, the perfectly cooked MR skirt steak with another arepa topping that off, however it's not something you would pick up like a burger, definitely knife and fork material, The presentation is far prettier than I describe. The skirt steak was perfectly seasoned and tasted very beefy and rich.

All the sandwiches come with chile dusted fries (shoestrings), these were not bad but didn't shine like everything else.

One of my DC's had the Southwest Cobb Salad with Achiote Herb Grilled Chicken Avocado, Chorizo, Hard Boiled Egg, Chihuahua Cheese, Mixed Greens and Buttermilk-Jalapeno Dressing. I didn't try it but he deemed it exceptional.

The other DC had the Organic Field Greens With Tamarind Orange Vinaigrette Gorgonzola Cheese, Dried Strawberries, Chile Pepitas and the optional grilled chicken (skirt steak was the other choose) for a few bucks more. He thought it this was out of this world, and he's a big "salad guy".

No room for desert..

A few notes: the online menu seems to be a buck or 2 lower on some dishes, not a big deal and the menus between the Woburn and Boston appear to differ slightly. I just wish Masa was closer to my office so I could bump it up a few notches in the rotation.

Not that big of a deal but Masa lists their address as 350 Cambridge Rd, as opposed to what CH displays.

348A Cambridge Rd, Woburn, MA 01801

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  1. I retired as a mail carrier before Bear Rock opened but that mall used to be on my route and it was IMPOSSIBLE to get those businesses to use the correct addresses! 348A is the right one. When Whole Foods was coming in, they asked me what their address was, then proceeded to pull several other numbers out of their hat (or lower). I've been meaning to give Masa a try. I hope it fares better than some of the other eateries in that mall.

    1. Stopped by for lunch since I was going to Whole Foods anyway. This is such a nice place with excellent food and service.

      Grilled Chicken Caesar Wrap was today's choice and it was really good as was the fries.


      1. They now have a loyalty card for lunch. Have four lunches and the fifth is free.


        1. If you haven't had the watermelon/habanero margarita yet, you absolutely should.

          My girlfriend generally hates spicy things, but there are two things delicious enough to be exceptions: Mary Chung's Dun Dun Noodles, and this drink.

          The sweetness, heat, and booziness are all powerful forces, but expertly balanced.