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Dec 4, 2009 02:39 PM

Goin' to St. Louis!! Staying at the Hyatt on Chestnut!

MO Chowhounds, help me out, please?
My friend and I are from Vancouver and we're going to SLMO at the end of the month for a 5 day convention..... We'll be staying at the Hyatt Hotel on Chestnut. I looked up Urbanspoon, but all the restaurants that pop up are quite a few blocks away from the hotel and/or the convention centre! Lunch and dinner times will probably be quite short..any suggestions on quick bites?

*and yes, we'll probably be hitting up a food store the day we arrive so we can possibly do packed lunches!

Much thanks in advance :D


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    1. re: hhsoul35

      I am checking for you. I will get back.


    2. I think you have several good options if you can walk 6 or seven blocks from your hotel. Just down the street (Fourth Street) is a nice steakhouse, Carmine's. It's part of the Drury Hotel. Opposite Carmines on Broadway (next street west) is a really swank place to eat, "Anthonys". Decor straight out of 1973 - but in a really good way. The food comes from Tony's next door. I like it a lot. Would be quick only if you aren't there at noon.

      If you can walk a few blocks west of the Convention Center on Washington you will have several good options - mostly casual places - Over/Under Bar, Kitchen K - The Dubliner -Wasabi - Lucas Park Grill and my favorite - Mosaic. Love Mosaic. These places might not be the very best St. Louis has to offer, but they are all quite good. I think these could offer some quick bites.

      An American Place is across the street from the Convention Center. I haven't eaten there but I've heard it's excellent. Maybe others can comment here. I probably wouldn't think this would be a quick place though.

      I'd also try and visit Sen (Thai), but it's maybe further than you want to walk. I love Sen. They can be pretty fast if you let them know.

      About 8 blocks northeast of your hotel is Laclede's Landing. There are some decent places down there - I like Morgan Street Brewery. It's fun but not exactly quick.

      I also like Tigin's on Washington and Fourth Street. Good for lunch with quick service and on our way to the convention center.

      Bring a warm coat!

        1. Just up the street from your hotel is a small Hilton, which once was a 19th Century bank. It has a restaurant called 400 Olive. I have recommended 400 Olive to many people and they all have been pleased with it.

          You mentioned grocery shopping: ask the concierge how to get to Schnuck's Cullinaria. It is probably about an 8 block walk, but it an urban-sized supermarket.