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Dec 4, 2009 02:06 PM

Bourdain in Lowell, MA

According to the new AAA newsletter, Anthony Bourdain is appearing at the Lowell Memorial Auditorium on January 9, 2010 at 8p.m. The program is entitled No Reservations but I have no idea what it entails.

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  1. is he with Guy F? from food network, he's coming too.

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    1. I don't know what it entails either but my friend got tickets anyway so I'm going. He's always entertaining.

      1. My loving wife bought me tickets for the Lowell show for my birthday. Can't wait and I'll come back and give a review of the show...

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          Wow, what a great time. Bourdain entertained us for close to 2 hours with his stories and opinions (he has opinions?). He definately had comments about a number of the Food Network chefs. He has no use for a number of them, but loves Mario Batali who he says could drink anyone in this autotorium under the table.

          The last 45 minutes was taking questions from the crowd. Some were intelligent, but some were plain dumb. One lady grabbed the mic to basically do her own commercial for some stupid dessert hummus. Lady, we don't care...

          Most questions were if in this city ro that city where should I eat. His view is eat what the locals eat. He said if he sees more than 2 Americans in a dining establishment, then he runs out of the place. He loves street vendor food and suggests they need to be visited when traveling. One piece of advice I came away with was when in a sushi house, never let the chef see you taking wasabi and soy sauce to his sushi as you are insulting the chef. Wise words indeed.

          It was definately an interesting group of people with alot of folks that were in the trade and Tony wondering how they got a saturday night off. He made one mistake, when one CIA student asked if he would autograph her book. He suggested she come up to the stage, and when she did, another 50-60 people also tried to rush the stage to get that autograph. He realized it wouldn't work and sent everyone back to their seats. What a ROCK STAR...

          I had a great time and have to thank my great wife for getting us tickets...

        2. It was a fantastic night. I was lucky enough to get to attend the meet and greet after the show. The dessert hummus comment got some laughs in the line as well. Tony was gracious and sweet, and signed autographs for quite a while.

          He mentioned that backstage he had boudin blanc and squash soup. Wonder who catered? My guess is La Boniche - does anyone know? Cool opportunity for a local chef.

          And the man drank Red Stripes like they were water. Wish we could get him back to Lowell and Worcester for a tour of the diners. He had some choice words for Guy Fieri and his "douchy" glasses on the back of his head. Don't expect a joint tour any time soon.

          1. What a COMPLETE waste of time. I love TB, have read all of his books, and watched all of his TV shows. He's a tremendous chef and a talented writer, which I think is truly amazing. I have total respect for what he's done for American's awareness to global food, and for inspiring to travel and eat with the people. And I respect the the fact that he realizes how incredibly lucky he is to do what he does for a living now. He's incredibly humble, which I think is great. But that event was pathetic. Beyond the few new jokes that he had, there was nothing in that monologue that I hadn't read or seen on ACT or NR. I would have appreciated something new, or maybe some multimedia in the background. Some behind the scenes footage or pictures from NR. What I got instead was 70 minutes of standup and an interminable hour of Q&A. Beyond the young women wanting to buy him drinks, and the drunk men wanting to buy him rounds (all secretly hoping that HE would buy the drinks), there were maybe a dozen questions that had any merit. I have a coworked that attended the recent Guy Fieri show at the LMA and said it was PHENOMENAL. (I can't stand theguy's cooking, but love the D, DI, & D show.) it was fun and interactive and enterntaining.) At least there was something too it. Tony's show struck me as no different from watching a popular comedian schlepping through a multi city tour - flying in, doing the show, drinking to all hours and then off to the next city. It was such a letdown compared to the honesty and integrity of his TV shows. While I'm sure that Tony loves interacting with people, I couldn't help feel that this show was just him capatlizing on his popularity and raking in some cash. (The people around us were loud and obnoxious, screaming hysterically at every word out of his mouth. I think my 17 year old daughter may have lasting hear problems from the shrieking laughter from the woman that sat behind her.) What a disappointment.

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              I disagree that it was a waste of time - I had a fabulous night and will remember it for a long time. But completely agree that the material was not new, and that most of the questions were completely ridiculous. Sorry you had a lousy group near you. That can really kill a night. I saw Wilco over the summer in Lowell, and the obnoxious people behind us almost ruined that for us. (Luckily, it was GA so we just moved after a while.)

              I'd love to hear where people ate and drank before and after the show! We went to L'Andana in Burlington. Chose to eat closer to home rather than near the LMA, mostly because I'd been wanting to try L'Andana and we don't get a sitter that often. It was really very good. Didn't get to grab a drink in Lowell after sadly, because we went to the meet and greet and had promised the sitter we'd be home before 11:30.