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Dec 4, 2009 01:49 PM

Quick! Chocolate Frosting, Sour Cream vs. Cream Cheese?

I'm making a chocolate cake with chocolate frosting alternated with raspberry filling, and I can't decide whether to make the frosting with the sour cream (cooked) recipe or the cream cheese (no cook) recipe. I've made the lemon version of the cream cheese frosting, and it was lovely, but the sour cream frosting looks great too.

Which do you chowhounds think will work best?

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  1. cc to compliment the raspberry

    1. Sour cream will lend a tangy note to the flavor, cream cheese will be milder. I'd go with the cream cheese.

      1. Cream cheese it is. Thank, guys.

        1. I do a cake like this, only with ganache frosting flavored with a little Chambord. It's simple, easy and perfect.