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Dec 4, 2009 01:48 PM

Grocery Outlet - December 2009

Cool, I get the honor of starting the December GO thread. Unfortunately, my trip today was rushed because I had a friend with me who had to get to work.


Two new DeCecco pastas are in:
~2.2/2.4lb of really long 4 feet long (with one 90 degree bend) - $1.99
-1lb Penne Rigate Kamut Wheat No. 41 Organic. Anyone know what to expect texture and taste-wise? - $0.99

They have more of the le Corbinie Toscana Rosso 2007 that was mentioned in November. By Vecchia Cantina in Montepulciano - $4.99

Kashi Sicilian Veggie Pizza. Not quite a steal, but I think it's about 50% off regular prices for a really healthy pizza. The whole pizza is only 660 calories so I consider it to be a single serving :) - $2.99

Naked Pomegranate Blueberry Juice (32oz) - $1.99

Saw Stonybrook Yogurt for you people that are into that.

Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream!
-Pints of Steven Colbert's flavor: Americone Dream - $1.49
-Quarts of Cherry Garcia (my favorite) - $1.99

I also saw a 12-pack (bottles) of Kona Longboard Island Lager for $7.99. It was at the aisle endcap near the registers. I'm not a beer guy so I don't know if that's a good price, but here are some review links: (This link says $7 for a 6-pack

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  1. Thanks for starting the thread. That kamut spaghetti is one of my favorite pastas. Berkeley Bowl sells it for $3.99. San Pablo still has it. Here's my previous report about the texture and another thumbs up from another poster

    There's even a Chow recipe

    Anyway ... San Pablo ... some are items lingering from last month but worth noting

    20 cents - Dannon vanilla yogurt 6 oz
    33 cents - Various flavors of Lucerne yogurt (3 for $1) Six oz I think
    50 cents - Hain organic oyster crackers 6 oz box
    50 cents - Imagine natural tomato soup 32 oz (soup and crackers for a $1 total)
    50 cents - Triscuit quattro fromage thin crisp crackers 8 oz
    99 cents - Santa Cruz organic creamy peanut butter 16 oz (only 50 mg salt per serving)
    99 cents - Dannon vanilla yogurt 32 oz
    99 cents - Oreo peanut butter cakesters
    99 cents - Alouette pepper parmesan cheese spread
    99 cents - Native Forest organic chutneys (pineapple, mango or papaya. Haven't tried)
    1.49 - Vienetta dessert cake
    1.69 - Hola Fruta pure fruit sorbet quart (pommegranate or pina colada)
    1.89 - Crystal eggnog quart (has HFCS)
    1.99 - Dickinson's purely fruit strawberry spreadable fruit
    1.99 - California gourmet organic raisins 15 oz (excellent)
    1.99 - Celestial Seasoning tea (at least a dozen types including organic)
    2.49 - Bonne Maman raspberry preserves 13 oz (very good)
    2.99 - Batth Farms fancy mixed raisins 16 oz (my favorite raisins)
    2.99 - Nutella 13 oz
    3.49- Arrowhead Mills Organic Crunchy Peanutbutter 26 oz jar
    4.99 - Nature's Miracle (if you have a pet, you will appreciate this price)

    I'm not a fan of regular Dickinson's which has HFCS, but the Purely Fruit just has fruit syrup, strawberries, pectin and lemon juice concentrate

    The Hola Fruta has decent ingredients. No HFCS

    Ditto on the Vienetta ice cream cake. Here's a photo of it

    1. "4 feet long (with one 90 degree bend)"

      So it comes in a 2 foot long box ? Is it possible to cook it without breaking it in smaller pieces ? Is it thin enough to nudge into the boiling water as the submerged part gets softened, or would it take too long to reach that point ?

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      1. re: dump123456789

        I've done that. The taller the pot, the faster it softens.

        1. re: dump123456789

          I was going to let this pass, but if it's four feet long with a 90 degree bend, then you'd need a box that was 2 feet long and 2 feet wide. I think RW meant a 180 degree bend.

          1. re: Ruth Lafler

            They have it in Redwood City. It's the imported De Cecco di Filippo product line, the pasts is 2 feet long with 180 degree turns. In a package 2 feet long, but about 4 inches with and 2 inches deep. Typically you take a deep pot, I use a crab pot, and just put the pasta in when the water boils. The spaghetti in the water will soften and in about a minute you can bend it all into the water. Or you can break it in the middle.

            1. re: calmonte

              Redwood City is out of the 4 foot spaghetti now. They have calamarata at 1.49 for 500g, and a couple bottled DeCecco sauces (arabiatta, and something with sweet peppers) for 1.49.

              Also, lots of Almond Breeze (unsweetened chocolate flavor) for 0.99.

          2. re: dump123456789

            Anyone see the 4 foot long spaghetti anywhere else ? (I've become a fetishist for these unusual DeCecco varieties.) I tried Novato, and no luck.

            1. re: dump123456789

              Unless itis in a location other than the pasta section, it is no longer at Berkeley. I stopped by Sunday afternoon ... nada ... ok ... which of you Chowhounds bought it up?

              1. re: rworange

                Berkeley store: The 4-foot long spaghetti is back. There are sixteen cases!

                At the Richmond store are Cara Mia piquillo peppers for 0.99$ a jar, normally 1.99$.

                1. re: AntarcticWidow

                  Thanks. I bought some. The bend had me curious. It is basically the shape of a U

                  It is in a big cellophane bag. Haven't tried it yet but I'm a bit curious about it so I asked on the General Board

                  Spaghetti Lunghi Con Archetto - four foot long arched spaghettI ... and what do those numbers mean?

                  There's a photo of it in that link

                  1. re: rworange

                    I cooked some of the spaghetti for dinner tonight. For the record, one four foot long noodle twirled around the fork is the perfect amount for a "bite".

                    1. re: AntarcticWidow

                      I made some as well. I'm thinking the whole reason for the length is twirl-ability. It does wrap around the fork perfectly.

          3. Ummm ... a 90 degree bend in the pasta would make it "L" shaped, but I think we all know what you mean. :)

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              1. re: sydthekyd

                So my find was the great selection of Vee-Tee indian dishes at the San Pablo store.
                Just like Tasty Bite, but 99cents instread of $3.89 at the reg store.

            1. Has any one seen any more of Artisan Salt Co. red "Alea" Hawaiian salt at any of the GO's?

              I bought some at the Oakland Outlet a couple months ago and would love to stock up.


              1. any interesting wine finds left?

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                1. re: Cary

                  If you mean the older vintages, not that I've seen on my last few visits.

                  1. re: Cary

                    They did have several cases of Christian Moueix Pommerol and Medoc both from the 2006 vintage for $13 a bottle. Very nice second line bordeaux at that price. I bought and opened a bottle of each, they're very young now but drinkable. They'll be better wines in 5 years and for the price it's a deal.

                    Avoid the Agentine Malbec they've got in stock, it smelled good in the glass but was really cooked.

                    1. re: calmonte

                      There are bottles from the hyped 2005 vintage at the same price. Bought a Medoc and St. Emilion but haven't had a chance to try them yet.