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Dec 4, 2009 01:40 PM

Where can I get Flavoured Coffee Syrup in YYC?

I'm trying to bundle up a nice basket/box of goodies for a frd as a xmas gift. Does anyone know where i could get small bottles of flavoured coffee syrup in Calgary?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. I'm assuming you mean Torani or Monin (etc) and not a syrup that's actually coffee-flavoured, If so, try any Second Cup, or even better, Costco.

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    1. re: John Manzo

      LOL Yes that was exactly what I meant. I think 2nd Cup only has large bottles, will give Costco a try. Thanks.

    2. Pretty sure a number of grocery stores sell syrups. Sobey's used to carry a few small bottles I think.

      1. I'm particularly interested in the gingerbread-flavoured kind.

        Thanks for the heads-up on Sobey's, will check that as well.

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        1. re: overseastar

          Might be a bit harder to find the more obscure flavors like gingerbread in small bottles. Some shops might stock up on it for Christmas, but it might be tough to find it. Starbucks might have a consumer oriented version for sale but I frankly don't pay attention to syrups that are available.

          Cappuccino King on Edmonton Trail carries Monin, but Monin only makes 750 mL or 1 L bottles. Torani, Oscar's and DaVinci only make 750 mL bottles as far as I can tell from their websites. Bah, thought I had a lead on a Starbucks version, but it's only sold as a 1 L on their online shop.

          All I can say is good luck!

        2. You can check the food/kitchen section at The Bay as well. I think they carry Torani syrups (or at least they used to). I've seen it at several Bay locations before. I'm not sure when you mean small bottles, how small you are looking for... (sample size or half bottle eg. 375ml). I've bought the sample size bottles from Second Cup before a while back.

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          1. re: miss.foodie

            Thank you for all the advice! I've seen it at the Bay a while back, but I have only seen the large 750 mL bottles.

            Yes, I'm looking for sample size around 375 mL. No luck with Costco today. Will try the Bay and Second Cup next.

            1. re: overseastar

              Just wanted to clarify as I don't want to confuse you... what i meant by sample size is 50ml bottles (similar to like sample size booze bottles). I bought a bunch of the 50ml torani's a while back from second cup. I know that the 375ml Torani's exist... I have seen them before...

              1. re: miss.foodie

                I've seen the mini-bottles (probably the sample size) at Java Jamboree in Cochrane...not sure if that helps...I think they were Monin.

                1. re: kemen

                  If that's the case, they might have them at Kawa on 8th St (same owners).

                2. re: miss.foodie

                  Thanks for the Clarification. I'm okay with any smaller size other than the 750mL.