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Where can I find Purslane?

I don't believe I've seen any at the west side farmers markets...unless I'm overlooking it.

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  1. Any decent-size Mexican market. It's called verdolagas in Spanish.

    1. It's hard to find at Farmer's Markets... SOMETIMES it shows up in Hollywood... but it's only that one organic vendor at the intersection. The best bet is at Mexican Supermarkets although I find the quality can REALLY vary...


      1. Haven't seen it at Farmer's Markets. However, both Vallarta Markets (everywhere) and the Jon's Market (in Reseda) carry it regularly

        1. I have seen it at mostly Mexican markets like Liborio.

          1. Super King Market (on San Fernando Road) has it. Three bunches a dollar.

            1. You can definitely find it at the farmers market in Santa Monica or Hollywood. Try Flora Bella farms. I don't think purslane is in season now, however. I'm not entirely sure of the season for purslane, but I think it's summer.

              1. They often have them but earlier in the year. It grows wild everywhere.

                1. I know this is a old thread, but I just found some beautiful purslane at the Sunday Beverly Hills farmers' market. McGrath Family Farms. They said they will have it all summer.

                  This stuff is night and day from the verdolagas that I have been brought from Mexican markets.

                  1. I tend to find it between the cracks of the pavement in my neighborhood, but I find lovely large leaves in other people's lawns.

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                      Purslane was available at the Farmer's Mkt at Pico and Cloverfield yesterday. It was at Kenter Canyon Farms .