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What to make with truffle butter?

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I have 4oz white truffle butter and don't know what I should make with it. I don't want to make truffled mashed potatoes, but I was thinking maybe gnocchi or a great pasta dish. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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  1. I've used it with scrambled eggs - a little on top after they're cooked. I haven't tried it for anything else...yet.

    1. Mashed potatoes is my favorite. It's a simple, hardy base that really lets the truffle flavor take center stage. Pasta too.

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          Excellent thought. I've never considered that but I'm salivating even thinking about it!

        2. I like it in scrambled or shirred eggs.

          1. Aside from what has already been mentioned, I like a dab of it on top of a nicely grilled steak. I will also use it as a butter "finish" for pan sauces.

            1. You could stir it in to a basic risotto. I did that just a few hours ago with oregon truffle butter, it was really delicious.

              1. My favorite burger stand does a truffle french fry--homemade fries lightly coated with the truffle butter and sprinkled with parmesan cheese. Yum!

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                  egging, your recipe got me motivated to make some truffle fries for myself at the weekend, but when I went to get my truffle butter out of the fridge I realized that I had run out. Too late to go to the store to get some I melted a little regular butter, tossed my fries in that and then hit them with a little truffle salt and grated parm. It turned out great. Ate all my fries and left my steak! Thanks for the idea.

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                      Dempsey's Pub in Lawrence, Kansas. If you're ever in Lawrence, the truffle fries are worth the visit! http://www.theburgerstand.com/

                  1. I just had truffle butter and chopped parsley on tender homemade noodles. Yum, she said modestly.

                    1. Popcorn. Serve with bubbly.

                      1. Last weekend I made the best scrambled eggs ever. I used the truffle butter to coat the pan instead of cooking spray. The eggs came out amazing with such a great truffle flavor. I also love using it when making mac and cheese.

                        1. What is truffle butter? Can you make it or must you buy?

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                            It's basically justy truffle shavings/chips folded into butter. You can get black or white truffle varieties. I guess you could make it yourself with fresh truffles but fresh truffles are generally more difficult to find, especially out of season, than truffle butter which you can purchase from Wegmans, Balducci's, and even some Harris Teeter stores year-round.

                            As you can see from this threat, the butter addes a touch of luxory to a variety of dishes.

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                              And I think the fat of the butter delivers the flavor really well. I mean some foods are electrified by acid and some by fat. Without knowing exactly, it would be my hunch that truffles are a fat-friendly food.

                              If anyone in LA is looking for truffles, truffle oil or truffle butter Epicure Imports in No. Hollywood is doing their open warehouse sale next weekend 12/18 & 19.

                          2. Make a nice hollandaise with it and serve over poached eggs, or vegetables (e.g. asparagus).

                            Note - you may want to consider using half truffle butter, half regular butter so that the truffle flavour isn't too overpowering...

                            Also would be a nice compliment to a good steak. Just a bit of butter melted on top... Yum.