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Asia de Cuba vs. Mr. Chow

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which would you choose based on food,decor, crowd and overall experience? Don't say neither as I'm eating at one or the other tonight. Thanks.

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  1. Are you in Asia, Cuba or perhaps even somewhere in Florida?

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      They're in (or will be in) Miami Beach, as both places are in South Beach - but I haven't been to either and so can't make a recommendation. Based solely on perception and hearsay, I'd go to Asia de Cuba before I'd go to Mr. Chow. Mr. Chow seems to be high-priced, pedestrian Chinese; you perhaps stand a better chance of finding something interesting to eat at Asia de Cuba. Both are scene-y places.

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        Agree with Frod. Have been to Asia, but haven't been to Mr. Chow. Too much bad word of mouth on Mr. Chow and they have only been open 3-4 months and have found Asia to be decent. Not a foodie experience, but great setting and atmosphere, went on a weekday as weekend can be a scene, but you might be looking for that.