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Dec 4, 2009 12:43 PM

Yun Noodle House--Healthy Taiwanese Food In Arcadia

"Healthy Taiwanese food" almost sounds like an oxymoron to me given the liberal use of various pig parts in Taiwanese food. This has not stopped Yun Noodle House in the Arcadia 99 Ranch Shopping Center food court from pressing forward. The menu is very limited--only seven main dishes and a handful of side orders. The main dishes are mostly noodles with ground pork or noodles with beef stew meat, not my idea of Westside lite. What makes all this healthy is the lack of MSG and sparing use of oil. Well I guess that's a lot healthier than making the same dishes with lots of oil and MSG. Street address is 1220 S. Golden West Ave., #E.

As an aside, Arcadia seems to be in the midst of an invasion of branch Chinese restaurants from the west San Gabriel Valley. Besides existing branches of Garden Cafe and Tasty Garden, I spied new branches of 101 Noodle Express, Liang's Kitchen and Eight Cafe. Also there's another new place in the 99 Ranch Shopping Center--a second hot pot restaurant. This is a puzzle since the existing hot pot restaurant there, Money Pot, seems to be perpetually empty.

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  1. ... that would make it a money pit rather than a money pot.

    If I had a hot pot place that needed to generate foot traffic, I'd just name it "Pot".

    1. This place seems to now have changed owners and Chinese names - the English name is still 'Yun Noodle House', but there is new staff, and the signage has changed (to Yunnan Guoqiao Mixian).

      It now specializes in Yunnan rice noodle dishes, including the 'crossing-the-bridge' noodles (guoqiao mixian). There are your standard kind of cold table snacks, and some Sichuan noodle dishes as well. Went with some co-workers at lunch.

      There are some "vegetarian" noodle soup dishes, though I believe there is chicken stock and / or chicken base in most of them (the dandan mian also now has meat, unlike the previous incarnation, which we unfortunately found out the hard way).