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Dec 4, 2009 12:27 PM

Breakfast Option Emergency - Georgetown - Tomorrow (Saturday)

So this is a problem I have.

I'm going to have breakfast in Georgetown... around 8am... the person i am coming with is inloved with "La Madeleine" something about a Corque Monsieur Sandwich... Now I have nothing against this place... but I would rather spend my calorie intake in something delicious and the truth is I've been to that place and I didnt like anything I tried... perhaps a choco-parfait i had and still it was not great... so

I would love to hear an option in that area that serves decent sandwiches or breakfast at least and may have pastries? Do you guys think it would be too difficult..?

the other option this person mentioned was trying a Dinner Bob & Edith's (Arlington) but I went there once and tried all these things people recommended and it was all way greasy... and trust me i love greasy but tasty greasy and that omelette and pancakes were not yummy greasy... were "i-m-going-to-regret-this-calories" greasy =(

Suggestions pleaseeee Chowhounders! =D

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  1. Try Furin's - across the street from La Madeleine.

      1. re: foodtrip

        Totally second/third Leopolds!!!

        1. re: foodtrip

          I 2nd this recommendation. But is it open at 8am?

          Cafe Bonaparte is also a delicious recommendation. But it might not open until 9 or 10am.

        2. Leopold's is nice. Or consider Pain Quotidien. They have nice pastries, breads, brunch items.

          1. The Four Seasons hotel. Expensive, but if you go easy, not too expensive.

            1. Hello everyone... well the person really wanted to go to La Madeleine so I ended up going there around 7:30 am ordering an omelet and croissant... (can mushrooms and dry croissant) and he ordered this hugemongous Croque Monsieur Sandwich that looks like a huge lasagna... Anyways it was less than 20$ the bill so I guess I shouldn't complain that much...

              Thanks for the ideas, I will have to go by myself to have breakfast in Leopolds, Bonaparte and Furin's.