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Dec 4, 2009 11:31 AM

What is Your Daily Food Routine?

Hi Hounds,

Curious to see what the majority of people do with what they eat on a normal basis. Do you eat breakfast and if so is it usually the same thing or do you rotate between various things? Same with lunch and dinner .

I don't have a set lunch because I always eat breakfast and snack in between. Recently I have been eating a Jazz apple or Honeycrisp first thing in the morning then maybe some eggs or cereal. No set lunch but I will have snacks but I always eat dinner...

So what do you do? Feel free to be as detailed or not as you wish!

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  1. I get up, I grind the beans and have cofeee - I go to work (and take more ground beans) and have more coffee, I nibble plain crackers and drink water till lunch, Work (AXA) provides free fresh fruit, so I will usually have an apple or tangerine late morning. I eat what I've taken to work for lunch (salad or nuked veggie food).
    I drink more water, I go home and eat salad or nuked food (or eat out) - then I prep the food for the following day (Mon-Thur).
    Except when I don't. And then it's open season..

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    1. re: Peg

      Breakfast is cappucino, one egg, with either sauteed spinach, mushroom, or zucchini. I also add green onion to the egg. Sometimes feta on the egg and/or a sausage, one piece of rye bread with butter and jam.
      Lunch, an apple or yogurt, or small salad.
      Dinner, some kind of meat, and several kinds of veggies. Glass of wineor two. Dessert (usually don't eat a whole one, couple of bites)

      1. re: Missmoo

        I should incorporate a glass of wine once in a while.. it's just that I keep thinking all these things people say about the inmune system going down when you have alcohol and i am so afraid of catching a cold yet again...

        our breakfast is very similar =D except for the coffee... i usually have black tea with soy milk... (evaporated when it\s a weekend =P

    2. I wish i would eat as little as most of women I know =(

      but ohh well.. here goes what I had today =)

      I wake up around 5:45-6am...

      Always Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner (2 snacks in between usually). and a 3rd one if i play volleyball in the night for at least 4hours.


      When I wake up I always have 8oz glass of water with either half of grapefruit or lime juice.

      Today I made a Frittata w mushrooms and onions w/ cheddar cheese... served 8oz of (soy milk or choco-almond milk or just almond milk) today was choco-almond milk =) and I made zucchini & potato galette.

      Snack: grapes

      Lunch: Lentils soup with Beef, carrots and yuca.

      Snack: Gala Apple and some cereal (i just felt liek munching cinnamon toast =) no milk.

      Dinner (working on it) Chicken-Spinach-Cream Cheese Empanadas with cucumber salad...


      Since today is my work-out off day I won-t play volleyball or run so I will stay home and have "maybe" kettle pop-corn.


      Weekends it changes... breakfast could be biscuits and bacon fruit salad.. (i love big breakfasts =)

      And I just got my first KitchenAid so I will try my bread recipes!!!


      Do you think i eat too much? =P

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      1. re: helenahimm

        haha not at all- i played volleyball in college and i eat almost as much as i did then. i still love big breakfasts and i wish i could eat them everyday if i had time!

        1. re: helenahimm

          ok....thank goodness i am not the only woman who eats way more than my girl friends do. Breakfast is always either an omelette and fruit or yogurt with cereal and fruit...and coffee. Snack at about 11AM, lunch at about 1pm of either a grilled chicken salad, and more fruit . A snack in the afternoon of either a protein bar, frozen yogurt and an apple. Dinner at home is either grilled chicken, sushi or grilled salmon with vegetables. Nights that I eat out...about 4 a week are a lot bigger meals and I do indulge in a few glasses of great wine. Dessert would be sorbet.

        2. Breakfast during the week is usually two hard boiled egg whites once I get to work. Water most of the time. Sandwich for lunch, I typically bring my lunch. A piece of fruit for the mid afternoon snack and then dinner once I get home. That will be whatever I feel like cooking when I get home, chicken cooked some way with some veggies, could be stir fry or on the grill.
          Weekend eating varies, a bagel sandwich for breakfast and I might make a big pot of chili or soup or red beans and eat that most of the weekend.

          1. Monday through Thursday my routine is quite static. For breakfast it's instant oatmeal, orange juice and Community coffee with chicory. Lunch is one and a half sandwiches made with various cold cuts or cheeses, and an apple all washed down by tap water. Dinner is the main meal and it could be just about anything.

            Friday is the same as Monday through Thursday with the exception that me and my better half go out for dinner.

            Saturday and Sunday I rarely eat breakfast; lunch is likely leftovers or fast food, and dinner is a homemade production, often on a fairly grand scale.

            1. Breakfast is usually GF (frozen) waffles, GF cereal with almond mylk, or homemade GF muffins or quick bread and oj or smoothies. Sometimes we have open-face pbj on GF bread.

              Lunch is nearly always planned leftovers from the previous night's supper. I generally eat mine in front of the computer at work anywhere from 11 am to 2:30 pm depending on my appts out in the community.

              Supper varies depending on whose turn it is to cook (we alternate with the other washing the dishes), what ingredients/produce we have and what needs to be used up, if the one whose cooking ended up having to work late or run any errands on the way home, etc. We're vegan and I'm gluten free so most meals are brown rice/potato/quinoa or GF pasta based. We eat lots of broccoli and greens (average of 10 meals per wk). We also eat lots of beans: garbanzo, black beans most often with a variety of other less often.

              Weekends may be just two meals depending on what time we get up and what all we have going on. Breakfast may be something that takes more time like GF pancakes, GF scone, or fried potatoes with salsa. Often it's finishing up any leftovers from the week.

              Snacks when we get home from work before supper: chocolate almond mylk, a spoonful of peanut butter. My husband often snacks on prunes and/or raisins (I don't care for either). Dessert is often vegan chocolate chips and candied ginger by the handful.

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              1. re: lgss

                You sure eat a bunch of GF. What the hell is GF? I'm thinking grain/flax, but I hate abreviations.

                1. re: James Cristinian

                  I believe it's gluten-free. I work with some folks who cannot have any gluten so am used to seeing GF.

                  1. re: James Cristinian

                    GF=gluten-free (no wheat, oats, barley, rye, spelt)