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Dec 4, 2009 11:03 AM

CHARLOTTE: Butcher moving to Ballantyne!!!!

I was just visiting What's Your Beef Butcher's website,, and learned that they are moving from Waxhaw to Ballantyne! I cannot tell you how thrilled I am about this. Vic, the owner, is a great guy with a fabulous business, but he gets little traffic all the way down Providence Rd in Waxhaw. I think this move will be just what he needs to flourish this business. I know so many folks in South Charlotte/Ballantyne who miss the neighborhood butchers they were accustomed to in the northeast. Vic is from upstate NY and goes out of his way to get you what you're looking for. Dry-aged beef, fresh turkeys for the holidays, house-made sausages, buffalo, veal, etc. The website says they offer free delivery on orders of $75 or more & within a 25 mile radius.

They will be moving into the bldg. off Ballantyne Commons Parkway which houses Five Guys Burgers & Tony's Pizza. This location is more convenient for me and means I can kiss Harris Teeter meats, etc. goodbye!

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  1. Hello Ms. Lato,

    Might get interesting in that neighborhood! There is supposedly a franchise named "The Meat House" (sounds like a bad frat movie. . .) moving into the Rea Rd area (4810 Rea Rd) after the first of the year. I went searching for it this weekend and it's still a ways off.

    We'll go from cryovac meat to dueling butchers - yeah! I found out they were coming as we will be selling them a good % of their wine. Sounds like they will have some prepared foods, etc..

    Now, it we could just get edible fish - I hate having to call Inland Seafood a day ahead and not be able to impulse buy when I get there.


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      A butcher is a good thing. Don't think I've seen one in Charlotte since Giant Genie closed. Besides Reid's, which is nice but pricey.

      For fish, there are a few seafood markets scattered about. Jim's on N. Graham and Dockside at Central and Kilborne come to mind. The larger Asian markets have fish too although it might be harder to find out the details like fresh or frozen.

      1. re: BDM1

        Buon Giorno, BDM! Wow, dueling butchers in my neck of the woods - that's change i can believe in. I've been here for almost 15 years and, besides family & friends, that's the one thing I miss most about back home.

        I just checked out the website for The Meat House. It looks like they only sell beef? Dry-aged steaks, premium meats & roasts. Perhaps it's along the same lines as Omaha Steaks - not really a butcher in the traditional sense. Vic @ What's Your Beef is the real mccoy. :)

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