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Puff pastry sheet: What should I make?

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I have an extra puff pastry sheet sitting in the freezer (first one was used to make an open-faced chicken pot pie). Any favorite preps (preferable something savory for a dinner)?

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  1. My easy go-to is mushroom strudel, although my family likes a pseudo steak and cheese on it--cook up steak and cheese (and onions and mushrooms) as you would for a sandwich, top and bake.

    1. NYT food section (this week ) has a good recipe for cheese straws with smoked spanish paprika. Here's the link:

      1. I have made these for years.

        Pepperoni and Asiago Palmiers

        ½ cup Asiago cheese
        ½ tsp thyme
        ½ tsp oregano or basil
        ¼ tsp black pepper
        1 sheet frozen puff pastry
        Dijon mustard
        Sliced sandwich pepperoni or Prosciutto

        Thaw puff pastry for about 20 minutes until you can easily open it. Cover entire surface with mustard. Cover with pepperoni and sprinkle asiago and spice blend over the pepperoni. Roll up like a jelly roll. Refreeze for about 15-20 minutes so you can easily cut it or you can refrigerate it overnight.

        Cut the roll about ¼ inch thick and transfer to non-stick cookie sheet (or you can spray a regular cookie sheet). Bake at 400 for about 15 minutes until golden.

        1. Pie........roll it out if it needs it: pile in your favourite pie recipe; eggwash the edges and draw the corners together. It doesnt keep to look pretty just bunched together to hold the filling. Bake. This is my favourite hot meal from Christmas leftovers - pretty much a movable feast - I put in whatever need using up - turkey, chestenut stuffing, ham, mushrooms, some cream, whatever.

          Tart - smear tomato chutney on the pastry to within a couple of centimetres of the edge. Then give a good covering of a mix of cherry tomatoes and sun dried tomatoes. Sprinkle with thyme (dried is fine); drizzle of olive oil. Bake

          1. Kind of a random idea, but maybe you could make a kind of savory napoleon, sort of like those free-form lasagnas everyone seems to be making. I'm thinking you'd bake up squares of puff pastry and, right before serving, layer with beef stroganoff or chicken marsala or the like. I'd eat it!

            1. Cut in circle 4 inches minimum (depending on size of empanadas you want =)

              I would roll out the sheet so it's a little thinner so it bakes properly.

              I would cook mushrooms and chicken (spices you want) then grind them, squeeze liquid out of mushrooms and then stuff squares with this mixture and a little of cream cheese, seal with egg + water wash and then brush the same on top after folding the empanadas.

              Depending on size bake 365F on a cookie sheet 20 min - 30 mins until golden and I would serve them with a salad on a side =)

              1. For Thanksgiving I just cut the sheet into 16 squares and topped each a spoonful of garnish. Half got a jarred mixed vegetable 'bruschetta topping' and grated cheese, half a homemade cranberry relish. Very easy. They got a lot of positive comments.

                1. I recently made the french apple tart from BC back to basics and it was very easy and very tasty - make sure to eat it fairly soon or the puff pastry just doesn't hold up well...


                  1. For Thanksgiving I made tartlets with soft goat cheese, caramelized red onions and candied pecans. I cut the sheet into 9 and used a cupcake pan. It was a hit. The only part that took some time was candying the nuts.