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Dec 4, 2009 10:45 AM

Satsuma Tangerines

I picked up a few of these little beauties at the Whole Foods in Dedham. If possible, they are a little more delicate and sweeter than the most perfect clementine that you'll find around this time of the year.

Also spotted them at Russo's, for the same price, $1.98/lb.

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  1. They had em at Arax yesterday.

    1. Pretty sure they have them by the bag at Russo's also for the volume discount.

      1. I think I also saw these at the Harvest Co-op in Central Square, sounds like there's a very good tangerine salesman at work out there.

        1. I grew up in Louisiana, and my grandparents had a satsuma grove in the back yard. They're so fantastic, and immediately bring me back to my childhood. I just picked up a bag of them at HMart. No clue how much they cost - I'd probably pay $10/lb if I had to.

          1. Trader Joe's in Saugus (and elsewhere, I assume) has them, I think it was $8.99 for a 5-lb box. We're on our 4th box - my son LOVES them.