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Dec 4, 2009 10:36 AM

What will you be serving for the holidays this year?

As the title say, I was wondering what everyone will be serving. Menus and recipes are always welcome. What will you be serving liquid wise also!

Happy holidays everyone!

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  1. This year will be very quiet for just the two of us. However it won't stop me from cooking a few culinary feasts.

    My vague and very simple plan thus far is:
    Christmas Eve: 2 seafood based dishes (1 appetizer & 1 main) with at least 2 sides. Lobster will figure in there somewhere and I absolutely love grilled smelts and stuffed quahogs. Perhaps a tossed salad for the veggie component???
    Christmas Day: Roast goose with potatoes (roasted under the goose), Brussel sprouts, baked winter squash, cranberry something-or-other. We're not big dessert eaters but I have a luscious gingerbread recipe that I haul out every now and then, so this is a good time to make it. It's layered with whipped cream and makes me swoon just thinking about it.
    New Year's Eve: We are going to cook from Fuschia Dunlop's book Land of Plenty. I haven't decided which yet but I'm leaning toward at least 5 recipes not including obligatory rice. If I decide on a noodle dish... no rice.
    New Year's Day: Sausage and lentils, polenta, at least one more dish but haven't decided yet, escarole salad.

    Kind of vague, as I said... prosecco will make an appearance, champagne on NY'sE, more champagne and a nice Chainti classico on on NY'sD, and I have to sip Gewurztraminer somewhere along the line.

    Buon Natale!!

    1. For Christmas, my host is doing her usual baked and pineapple-glazed ham with the usual sides, smothered cabbage, garlic mashed potatoes, green beans and mushrooms, glazed carrots (different glaze from the ham, thank God.)
      Dessert will be a glazed (!) cheesecake, chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream and an apple pie.
      To drink, Coquito and an assortment of red and white wines.
      Same thing as last year, but I have to say she's a great cook and I am grateful for her in my life and her cooking efforts. Plus the ham gets better every year. I guess practice makes perfect.

      New Year's Day: Hoppin' John (with leftover hambone,) collards, bisquits and assorted salads, the classic stuff. Dessert TBD.
      To drink: champagne and more Coquito.
      Feliz Navidad!

      1. I am thinking of doing Mario B's seafood risotto for Christmas eve and some type of light salad, Biscotti for dessert. I will make my salmon spread for an appetizer and serve with celery, crackers, maybe some roasted pepper salad, and olives. Christmas day everyone wants Lasagna, which normally I would be fine with. But I have been taken off gluten and dairy. So, I am processing what to make for myself. Maybe polenta and sausage would be good. BACON for breakfast is a must, with maybe fruit crepes or blintzes, again can't eat. DARN food intolerances!!! I am eager to hear others ideas!