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Dec 4, 2009 10:31 AM

Poor Cleveland Park

Apparently is getting a Cereal Bowl shop, don't know when. I saw it reported on DCist. I imagine it may go into the old Starbucks space?

The concept sounds ridiculous to me. I find it hard to believe this is real.

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  1. It's real. There's a similar concept in Columbus, OH.

    1. I can understand the Frozen Yogurt places, but Cereal? can't we have any of these at home? I am not a fan of starbucks but I understand that having an espresso machine is expensive so people like to go to Starbucks or Coffee places, but Cereal? lol

      I don't see Choco-Krispies in the Menu or the old version of Golden Grahams with Chocolate and marshmallows I used to love when I was a kid so you won't see me doing a line in the middle of winter for that bowl of over $3 cereal (i'm assuming that's the price, i've no idea how much the bowls are going to be).

      but cereal? lol

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      1. it's a business - a relatively small one - opening in a down economy.

        I know it's proper Chow to judge/criticize all that isn't 4 star cuisine, but c'mon. They'll hire some people, increase the tax base, and pay rent. I'm all for it, even if it's not something that I would personally patronize.

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          I know what you mean. Though I am not sure about the 4 star cuisine, I just finished reading this story of a Chef who worked for a 3 Michellin star restaurant (in France) that was surprised to find out that they served 3 old day stinky fish and instead of fresh pasta they would cut wonton wrappers... so good that story =)


          1. re: helenahimm

            This is way OT, but can you like that most fascinating story?

            1. re: baltoellen

              Hi, what do you mean by OT? I thought it was a great story because of the way the chef wrote it and because I never would see something like that happening in a "serious" restaurant.

              I worked for few months in a BBQ restaurant and I quit once I realized you can't learn anything but becoming a prep or frying or defrosting machine and just follow the franchise rules... however I do know if you work for a Chef it would be the same in the sense that you can't make changes or suggestions, but at least it would be some real good food and good knowledge.

              I don't know how I ended up writing about this lol.

          2. re: Jeserf

            I'm not sure what you mean by "proper Chow." Indeed, I don't participate in most discussions on this board about high-end restaurants because I am a grad student and can't afford to patronize those places.
            I am just pointing out that I think this concept is silly. It sounds to me like what 18 year olds who first get access to their college cafeteria get excited about: "ooh, I get to mix fruit loops with whipped cream from the dessert bar and Mom's not here to yell at me?!" Sounds silly and a total waste of money to me, plus a ton of unnecessary calories.
            Point taken about opening up a business in this economy, but seriously, is this a concept that will really last or just be a fun novelty for a couple of months?

            1. re: hamster

              I think people forget that business owners actually do RESEARCH before they open a business in a specific location and to get a loan.

              While I wish they would open another type of place in that space, don't make assumptions about their failure. I bet 10 years ago when cupcake shops started popping up (or rice pudding shops), people thought it was crazy to only sell cupcakes in one store.

              1. re: hamster

                there's been a similar place in Philly for a while. at least 3 years, maybe more. Cereality.

                1. re: Jeserf

                  Yep, used to walk by there everyday when I lived in Philly. It's right on Penn's campus. The perfect location for this type of place. The perfect place for students to spend $5 dollars of their parents money on a bowl of cereal.

            2. The original comment has been removed
              1. It's definitly real. I've seen it on the Food Network before. I'm surprised this is opening in Cleveland Park. I feel like it would do a lot better near a college campus....maybe Foggy Bottom or Georgetown.