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Dec 4, 2009 10:28 AM

Cake Designer in Long Island?

Looking for a great cake designer in Long Island...more in the Northern Nassau County area if possible.

Want a beautiful cake done for my wife for her Baby Shower. Dont need anything too big, just something that really looks great and tastes great as well.

Something along the lines of what Charm City Cakes does...or any of the chefs from the food network competitions.

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  1. Congratulations on the upcoming addition to the family!

    Someplace to consider is Leonetti's in Greenvale (on Glen Cove Road, maybe a 1/4 mile north of Northern Blvd.). I haven't personally had their specialty cakes, but they do also make quality pastries that I have had on numerous occasions. My father is a regular customer there and your post reminded me of something that he told me a short while back- the owner of Leonetti's actually competed on one of those Food Network shows, and even won. Take that for what it's worth, but it might be just the place for you.

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      Madame Butterfly cakes from Babylon did my baby shower cake, as well as several other family ocassion cakes. They are exquisite to look at and they taste delicious. They are a bit pricey, but really memorable!! The owner is a lovely lady who really gets to know the client and what they need/want. Unfortunately, I have no photos of my own to post, as it was a surprise but I am enclosing her link. (i don't think her photos do her justice, but they are gorgeous and worth every penny!!) they did deliver the cake to me on one ocassion, so it may be easier to get it to you on the north shore. good luck!

    2. I did a quick google search for you, because I LOVED your post and I'm a mom, was raised on LI, and I'm an old softie,

      I don't know anything about these places, but maybe someone on LI does:
      Cakes By Mona

      A Cake in Time

      Reinwald's Bakery

      Long Island Cakes

      I'm sure there are more. Congratulations!

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        Thank you both for the suggestions!
        I will look into all of these.

        Anyone else have someone to recommend?
        Thanks everyone!!!!

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            I believe that Jason is located in Oyster Bay, so he may be close by.


      2. Cardinale's-Syosset, NY

        1. Try Wonderful Wedding Cakes in Glen Cove NY.
          She specialize in wedding cakes and 3D sculptured cakes... and they taste amazing.

          1. Try Wonderful Wedding Cakes in Glen Cove Long Island.
            She does wedding cakes as well as 3D sculptured cakes. And they taste amazing !!!