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Do you eat the skin on a sweet potato?

I have no problem with your standard baked potato skin, but the sweet potato skin for whatever reason, does not appeal to me? Am I missing out on the nutritional value by just eating the filling?

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  1. I do not eat the skin on a baked sweet potato.

    1. Nope, I don't eat the skin on a sweet potato either...

      1. I have....but as a general rule...No!

        1. I love the skin on a sweet potato. I like the contrast of the sweet filling and the slightly bitten skin..

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            So do I! I will just roast a sweet potato and eat the whole thing plain...well except the ends.

          2. I love sweet taters but I don't eat the skin.

            1. i don't even eat the whole thing =) but i was really hungry i would eat it... not even on the other potatos i would eat the skin when i bake them.

              1. I always eat the skin on baked sweet potatoes, don't mind it a bit.

                1. I eat the skins. You might say I only eat the skins, since I just consume the ones the others in the house leave behind after eating the inside. To make it more palatable, try brushing the outside with oil before baking, that way it gets a little crisp instead on dry and papery.

                  1. It depends how they're cooked. Roasted, I don't find the skins to be palatable. Diced up and put in soups, made into french fries, used for hash browns, or boiled and mashed, I think they're better with the skins on.

                    1. Yes, I eat them. I never considered not eating them. They just seem like regular potato skins to me.

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                        Just what I was going to say! It never ever occurred to me..... I adore the skins.

                        i roast sweet potatoes in the oven until death. Until the insides are oozing out. Don't need a gram of butter or sugar or nuttin'. Beats the heck out of any casserole I've ever tasted.

                        1. re: Steve

                          I love them like that just as a snack, or even dessert. They're good hot, warm, room temp, or cold out of the fridge. If they're not hot and I'm alone, I just pick up and eat. Also my prep of choice for Thanksgiving.

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                            Yes, that is my Thanksgiving method too.

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                            do you wrap them in foil? by themselves on a cooking sheet?

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                              I never wrap them (or regular baking potatoes) in foil. I usually just wash them and put them right on an oven rack. Or use a cookie sheet . For Thanksgiving, I don't have room for a cookie sheet because I'm roasting the turkey at the same time, so I just place them right on the rack, no oil, around the roasting pan.

                              the important part is to leave them in there for a good long time, well beyond done.

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                                i love the yam syrup that oozes out during roasting though that i can't just put them straight on the rack, just a little foil underneath captures it all and crusts the yams nicely.

                        2. I bake the washed and scrubbed sweet potato plain, just like a russet potato and always eat the skin, but my husband never does. I like the contrast in flavor and texture. Have no idea if there is any nutritional value there, though. It's just good!

                          1. I always eat the skin...and yes, as is true of most fruits and vegetables, including the skin also includes more fiber and vitamins.

                                1. Definetely yes! Whether as fries, baked or mashed, the skins are always kept and devoured in our house.

                                    1. re: Emme

                                      I agree. The skins are amazing.

                                      1. I can't eat the skins on sweets - they totally screw up my system - lots of cramping. The potatos themselves I love. I do eat the skins of whites without issues.

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                                          hmmm...wonder if the skins provide too much fiber for you. I know that on days when I'm eating beans and greens for lunch, if I have an apple for afternoon snack, I'm in agony from cramping after eating even a small apple. I usually try to remedy it with ginger tea.

                                        2. No, I don't, but as a kid I tasted it a few times and thought it wasn't half bad. I wondered why we always threw the skin, which had been coated in butter before baking, out.

                                          As for baked regular potatoes (which I don't like much anyway) - No Way! Yuch! Too bitter.

                                          1. Last night jfood made sweet potato wedges, skin and all. a little EVOO, some S&P, into a 400 degree oven on a baking sheet (one flat side down) for 20, flip to the other flat side for 20, a little more salt. Outstanding and easy

                                            1. Absolutely. It never occurred to me not to.

                                              1. The skins are the best part! They have some texture and can get a bit of caramelized flavor when the insides ooze a bit during cooking. Excellent with a little butter and some salt.

                                                I was shocked when I noticed my SO's entire family scooping the insides out of sweet potatoes and leaving the skins. I ate his skins, but had to watch the rest of them end up in the trash. Sad.

                                                My understanding is that there are a lot of nutrients in the skins, plus fiber.

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                                                  i dated someone once who ate out the entire flesh and left the skin utterly in tact. when i questioned him, he said, "oh no i'm not done." he proceeded to butter the inside, sprinkle with cinnamon, and throw in the toaster create a crispy finish to his meal.

                                                2. I love the skin...has great flavor...yum

                                                  1. I only boil my sweet potatoes and the skin just slips right off. Don't eat it either, just the inside yumminess.

                                                    1. I love sweet potatoes roasted in their skin with a little butter. Okay I add a good bit of butter, and I squeeze the potato to break up the inside, and then with butter and a fork whip the potato in the skin. Before baking, wash and then I wrap them in foil, and so you'll see that a great deal of the syrup collects at the bottom. The skin in the potatoes syrup is heavenly, I think it is my favorite part. Of course by now I've picked it up, and I bite into it to it rather gingerly to appreciatie the whole experience, I don't think it has a chance to cool off much at all.

                                                      1. I had thought about this before this post. We never ate the skins on sweet potatoes. Not sure why as I always eat the skins on regular potatoes, but recently started eating the sweets skins. They are totally good in texture and flavor.

                                                        1. Not usually but I have no prejudice against it, they're usually too dry and papery by the time they're done- except for the part that the sweet potato has leaked on- now that's crunchy sweet goodness there.

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                                                            If you rub the potato with butter before baking it and then bake it in aluminum foil, the skin will be soft and moist, except at the ends where the jus has leaked and caramelized.

                                                          2. try this and you'll be hooked. i have an Aroma steamer. I steam lots of things,but my fav- is sweet pot. scrub them, cut both ends off. just thehard part. cut into cubes. 1 1/2 " don't peel. use only 1 water measuring cup full of water. the cup comes with the steamer. here's the trick.- put the cubes in a cereal bowl, place it in the steaming basket, turn it on, the bowl has to be the right size for the lid to close. it will be perfect in only 10 minutes. any liquid stays in the bowl. it is much like syrup. you waste nothing, and you save a lot of energy. add a good tbsp of EV organic coconut oil, coat and experience something divine. skin and all. you'll be hooked. add whatever floats your boat.

                                                            1. Scrub, poke, roast on high, eat all.

                                                                1. Sweet potato skin with a little pat of butter and then rolled up was always a treat when we were kids and fun too! I still love it especially now that I bake them in the oven rubbed with olive oil and kosher salt.