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Dec 4, 2009 09:50 AM

New years in Montreal

I'm looking for a nice restaurant in Montreal for new years. I would like a nice restaurant with some atmosphere and a chance to get som really nice meat.
Anyone has any suggestions?

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  1. Depends what sort of budget you have. All the better restos downtown only take reservations for New Years and usually have a fixed table d'hote. If you're looking for excellent steaks try either the Rib and Reef (older crowd) or if money is no object try the Queue de Cheval.

    1. 5 years ago, I did new year's at Les Infideles, with a group of 15. The meal was prix fixe ($100, if I recall), heavy with meat, and tremendous, a St. Sylvester dinner. The entire restaurant (which holds about 30-40, I'm guessing) was there for the evening, so it was a relaxed atmosphere/ Les Infideles is an APV (bring your own wine), and we brought a couple of huge boxes of alchohol -- one bottle per person (lots of prosecco, great wine, and some hard stuff), which made for a delicious, festive and unforgettabl meal.