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Dec 4, 2009 08:02 AM

Christmas dinner for a solo chowhound? Recomendations?

I will be dining alone on Christmas this year. Last year I went to Annona and it was good but I thought to try somewhere new this time. Truffles is gone, the Four Seasons Studio Cafe's menu is looking underwhelming and I'm wondering if anyone has any recommendations for past positive experiences? Anywhere besides the big hotels and Chinese food that in the past has been open and given you a good meal? I'm downtown without a car. I absolutely do NOT have to have turkey in fact I'd rather not :)

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  1. My first instinct is to suggest cuisines from non-Christian countries and/or cultures. How about Japanese, Vietnamese, Indian, Sri Lankan, Pakistani, Persian, Tibetan, Lebanese, Thai, Lao, Moroccan, Afghani, Turkish, Israeli, etc.? As a lone diner, you might enjoy a South Indian thali or Vietnamese beef served 7 ways. Perhaps a combo platter at a Middle Eastern restaurant (you can take home the leftovers for Christmas Day would be a good idea. I'd personally search for a good Japanese sushi restaurant for a leisurely omakase meal at the sushi bar. You could call Pomegranate (Persian) and find out if they're open on Christmas Eve. There are many centrally located restaurants that will be open for business over Christmas.

    1. publishes a list of restaurants that are open to Christmas, closer to the date. I've had sushi on Christmas. Lots of cheap and cheerful places open. I've always found sushi is enjoyable with or without people.

      1. Try the Open Table website for Toronto. Instead of choosing the restaurant first, choose the date and time that you want to go, and a list of restaraunts that are open will come up.