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Need a Wine please

I know NOTHING about wine---Boone's Farm doesn't count as wine, so yep--I know nothing.

But I plan on celebrating soon (I'm birthing out a baby so I haven't had anything to drink in forever) and I would like a nice wine to ring in the New Year with.

Problem is this: I only like wines that taste sort of fruity. None of that hair-on-your-chest stuff. I'm a girly girl and I like girly wine. I have yet to find any that really tastes good.

Soooo....does anyone have a suggestion for a reasonably priced wine that might make me happy? Please let me know how much, where to find, etc. I appreciate it!

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  1. You might like a Reisling (super-sweet), or a Beaujolais (a little drier, but still pretty fruity). Beaujolais was the first red that I really enjoyed when I began weening myself off the super-fruity Riunite crap...lol. Congrats on the baby, by the way!! First one?

    Reislings are too sweet for me, but Blue Nun is a good one, you can find it pretty much anywhere that sells wine, It's under $15.

    My favorite Beaujolais is the Beaujolais Nouveau, it is seasonal, and it is in season currently. I saw it at Market Street for $12 or $13 about a week ago.

    1. I think its fabulous that you like fruity wine. Being a celebration, I suggest you buy a bottle of Prosecco, which is sparkling white wine from Italy ($7-20). It's slightly sweet and fruity. If you're into reds, try Mark West pinot noir ($8-18) or Yellow Tail shiraz ($7-10).

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        Yes, Proscecco, Cava or for low alcohol, Moscato d’Asti. I have used to latter to introduce several of my wife’s nearly tee totaling aunts to wine and they demand it now.

      2. Congrats. You have gotten several good recommendations already. I would add most New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs to the list ( Nobilo, Kim Crawford, Babich, Brancott, etc). They are widely available, moderately priced and generally fruity.

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          Splurge and buy a really nice Eiswein.

        2. OP, are you looking for fruity, sweet or both?

          For fruity, I like the NZ Sauvignon Blanc rec's.
          For sweet, I'd go with German Riesling, of which there are a variety of sweetness levels.
          For both, I like Gewurztraminer or Prosecco (sweetness levels vary in both).

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          1. I would go for an "Extra Dry" Prosecco. Though it sounds dry, it is actually an off-dry wine. ("Brut" is drier"). Light, fruity, bubbly. Adami is a very good producer.

            1. For a fruity red, I'd go with Pinot Noir. For fruity white try Gewurztraminer or Traminer Aromatico as it's Italian version is known. I can't help with finding them locally since I'm up here in Canada.

              1. Prosecco Spumante, Moscato d'Asti, or Bugey-Cerdon. All have fizz. All have sweetness. The middle one has lower alcohol. The latter one is pink.

                1. You've gotten some good recs., especially the QmP Rieslings, knowing that one does not need to go full Auslese, or Eiswein, to get great fruit.

                  I am a fan of off-dry Chenin Blancs, and there are tons of great Alsatian wines (several varietals), that have good fruit characteristics.

                  Along the way, several US Sauvignon Blanc, like Groth Napa, have good fruit character, but I'd not really call them "fruity." Also, many US Chardonnays ARE "fruity," by my descriptors.

                  Whatever you do, do not serve any of these too cold - you will get far less of the "fruit" character to them.