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Dec 4, 2009 07:21 AM

Need a Wine please

I know NOTHING about wine---Boone's Farm doesn't count as wine, so yep--I know nothing.

But I plan on celebrating soon (I'm birthing out a baby so I haven't had anything to drink in forever) and I would like a nice wine to ring in the New Year with.

Problem is this: I only like wines that taste sort of fruity. None of that hair-on-your-chest stuff. I'm a girly girl and I like girly wine. I have yet to find any that really tastes good.

Soooo....does anyone have a suggestion for a reasonably priced wine that might make me happy? Please let me know how much, where to find, etc. I appreciate it!

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  1. You might like a Reisling (super-sweet), or a Beaujolais (a little drier, but still pretty fruity). Beaujolais was the first red that I really enjoyed when I began weening myself off the super-fruity Riunite Congrats on the baby, by the way!! First one?

    Reislings are too sweet for me, but Blue Nun is a good one, you can find it pretty much anywhere that sells wine, It's under $15.

    My favorite Beaujolais is the Beaujolais Nouveau, it is seasonal, and it is in season currently. I saw it at Market Street for $12 or $13 about a week ago.

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      1. I think its fabulous that you like fruity wine. Being a celebration, I suggest you buy a bottle of Prosecco, which is sparkling white wine from Italy ($7-20). It's slightly sweet and fruity. If you're into reds, try Mark West pinot noir ($8-18) or Yellow Tail shiraz ($7-10).

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          Yes, Proscecco, Cava or for low alcohol, Moscato d’Asti. I have used to latter to introduce several of my wife’s nearly tee totaling aunts to wine and they demand it now.

        2. Congrats. You have gotten several good recommendations already. I would add most New Zealand Sauvignon Blancs to the list ( Nobilo, Kim Crawford, Babich, Brancott, etc). They are widely available, moderately priced and generally fruity.

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            Splurge and buy a really nice Eiswein.

          2. OP, are you looking for fruity, sweet or both?

            For fruity, I like the NZ Sauvignon Blanc rec's.
            For sweet, I'd go with German Riesling, of which there are a variety of sweetness levels.
            For both, I like Gewurztraminer or Prosecco (sweetness levels vary in both).

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