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Dec 4, 2009 07:17 AM

Long time, no posts on Zihua... anything Chowish there?

Recommendations on Zihuatanejo restaurants greatly appreciated...

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  1. We spent 4 nights in Zihua about a week ago. Our hotel in Colonia La Madera had numerous restaurants within a short walk, several on the same Calle Adelita. We ate nowhere upscale.

    We went to Rufo's Grill a couple of nights. Basically, good, simple food cooked on a charcoal grill. Moderate prices. The chuleta al pastor was good and so were the BBQ Ribs. I thought the sides were a bit weak.
    On another night, the the cheeseburger with fries was ok. but the grilled vegtable plate was lacking some sort of accompanying sauce—pesto, aioli, whatever, and the olive oil and vinegar were just too simple.

    We had breakfast 3 times at La Casa Cafe; all but one dish was excellent (that being the Huevos Poblanos). The Papas con Chorizo plus huevos was very good. Coffee is better than average, and there's free wi-fi. Prices are low. It's open 8 a.m to 2 p.m.

    I won't mention here the less stellar spots where we ate. Two of the better ones follow. We had breakfast at Tamales y Atoles Any. I was a bit surprised at how relatively high the prices were (we are used to tamales in Pátzcuaro for 8 pesos each), and Any's are $25 to $50 pesos. Instead, we had a very good mole de olla ($100 pesos) and an excellent consomé de pollo for IIRC, $60. There were some good, handmade blue corn tortillas.

    Another excellent meal was at Doña Licha's on Calle Cocos. The $45 peso comida del día included Pozole Blanco or Verde on the Thursday we were there. (Thanksgiving Day!).

    I had some pretty tasty cecina, although its saltiness started to build up by the second half. Luckily, the rice on the side was very plain and just the thing to offset the saltiness. Beer and a mineral water helped, too. I really liked Doña Licha's, and would go again, but next time I'd get something other than cecina.

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      Thank you for the update.
      > I won't mention here the less
      > stellar spots where we ate.
      I hope you'll reconsider your reticence and tell us which places to avoid.

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        suman, if you look in my profile, you'll see a link to my blog, in which the less favored places are mentioned.
        Our visit was brief, and certainly was no more than a mere taste of Zihua restaurants.

    2. We're going back to Zihua for two weeks in January after 3 years! I'll report back on places we eat.

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        Anything to report from your January trip? We'll be going in May for our honeymoon and am looking for recommendations from the upscale to the taco stand -- any and all welcome!

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          I do have recommendations but have not yet sat down and done my reviews.....I's April already! Get on it! Quite busy at work. Can you let me know where you'll be staying? We always stay on Playa Maderia and eat very close to the hotel and in Playa Municipal area. We don't venture to Ixtapa or to Playa LaRopa.

          I will tell you that we had a wonderful dinner at Tango, which is fairly new to Zihua. It was fabulous and is more upscale. I've got the menu and all the details from our visit but I need to wade through everything and post it. I'll shoot for an update this weekend.....*crossing fingers*

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            Thank you Dee!

            We're staying close to Playa La Ropa. First time visit for both of us so any suggestions are appreciated. I'll check out Tango today.

            We're intrigued by La Gula, who claims to be a Slow Food restaurant (

            Any help is appreciated!

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              chowcito, I aplogize for the amount of time that has lapsed since my last post! I've just been busy as heck with work and haven't gotten around to posting. I'm including several links that provide locations for some restaurants.

              ZihuaRob's Website - Interesting maps, list of activities, restaurants and a message board. The board gets really busy (snipy) but you can get some good info here. I highly recommend wandering around El Centro and stopping where you like. There are many good restaurants in Zihua and I encourage you to explore them all. The only place I'd stay away from for food is Bandidos. It's a bar; stay away from the food. Check out the restaurant listings on the web. They're all pretty good.

              You're staying near Playa La Ropa so I don't have any recommendations for that area but have read wonderful things about Paty's.

              We pass La Gula every day we are there but have never made it. It gets good reviews and the menu looks great but we just haven't tried it.

              There are so many places in Zihua that are good. A few stand out:

              There's a little ice cream stand near the Zocolo called Fragolino. Don't pass this place up. Homemade gelato and sorbets that are excellent. There's a hamburger cart near the Zocolo as well; everyone say's the burgers are great. Saturday evening is the best time to hit the Zocolo as there are many activities.

              Rufo's - Not top notch high falutin' food but good stuff. The ribs get good reviews and the hamburgers are fine. Fish is wonderful. In the mornings, the space is used by another cook for breakfast; it's pretty darned good. Located off Calle Adelito down the hill from La Ropa (I can't remember the cross street).

              La Casa Cafe - heard they would be moving in May but don't have details. I think they have a Facebook or MySpace page. This is our go to place for breakfast.

              La Casa Vieja - overall good food with nice service. I haven't had a bad meal there. I stick with seafood mostly. On Thursday, try their pozole. This is the only place I found that serves blanco, verde and rojo. All are good. Sunday breakfast is nice here as well. Be warned; they charge you for the plate of pan dulce but you won't see it until you get the bill. Coffee on Sunday is traditional cafe de olla....good stuff!

              Tango! - This is a new place downtown in El Centro (Nicolas Bravo and Hermenegildo Galeana - kind of in the middle of the pedestrian area). We chatted at length with Chef Jose and Javier; wonderful people completely dedicated to food. If we found them on day one, we would have eaten here every night. The menu is not exceptionally long but the focus on quality is suberb. They make maragaritas with fresh lime juice; no mix here! Great margaritas! The chilpachole de jaiba (crab bisque) is simply amazing; my husband asked if he could have a gallon. We both had filet of sonoran beef "manolo" whish was a filet atop a grilled poblano pepper in a mushroom sauce. Honestly, the best piece of meat I've had in several years. Again, this is a place to try the fish, since it's caught fresh daily. I would HIGHLY recommend this restaurant.

              Garrabos - A long standing restaurant on Juan Alvarez close to the police station. Again, a solid menu where you can't get anything bad.

              El Mediteraneo - This was a surprise for me; excellent dishes all the way around. The pasta is excellent as is the seafood (duh.....right by the ocean!!). It's a bit pricey and the place gets really busy but it's good.

              There are several places along the beach (Playa Municipal) that offer good food. They all blend together so I can't remember their names. Explore and enjoy.

              Congrats again on your upcoming wedding! Enjoy your trip!!!