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Dec 4, 2009 07:17 AM

Need a replacement Chicken place for Brothers in Dallas

Since the closing of Brothers Chicken in Dallas, husband has been going through withdrawls. So I'm here, asking you good foodies for a replacement that is just as good. Any suggestions?

And please---he won't eat KFC or anything like that---he's looking for BROTHERS quality fried chicken.

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  1. Within Dallas, Bubba's (SMU area), burbs and outskirts, Babes.

    1. i know it's fast food but has anyone tried pollo campero? might be an upgrade from KFC

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        1. re: demigodh

          Pollo Campero is a terrific place for both fried and grilled chicken dishes. Everything is very fresh. The staff is very helpful and polite and the place is always very clean. I always enjoy eating there. I especially love their fried plantains.

        2. Babe's or Cowboy Chicken in Carrollton

          1. Some new people opened Brothers again with a different name but the same chicken. Go back because its as good maybe better than Brothers.

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            1. re: OCNC

              Will have to try it. I read a review somewhere that said it was NOT as good. I hope it is! I miss Brothers too!

              1. re: sline

                It might not be quite as good as Brothers. But, when Brother's closed, we started eating Chicken House and really enjoy it.

            2. For chicken I also agree with Pollo Campero, I've only been to the one on Preston/Bush. Has anyone tried William's Chicken in Carrollton? I drive past it all the time and have been curious.

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              1. re: air

                I can't speak for the Williams in Carrollton, but the two locations that I have tried left a little to be desired. I enjoyed their sides, but the chicken lacked flavor. If you try it, BE CAREFUL. That stuff will fool you. The inside of that chicken is hotter than the sun. You will burn yourself if you bite in too soon.