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Need a replacement Chicken place for Brothers in Dallas

Since the closing of Brothers Chicken in Dallas, husband has been going through withdrawls. So I'm here, asking you good foodies for a replacement that is just as good. Any suggestions?

And please---he won't eat KFC or anything like that---he's looking for BROTHERS quality fried chicken.

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  1. Within Dallas, Bubba's (SMU area), burbs and outskirts, Babes.

    1. i know it's fast food but has anyone tried pollo campero? might be an upgrade from KFC

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          Pollo Campero is a terrific place for both fried and grilled chicken dishes. Everything is very fresh. The staff is very helpful and polite and the place is always very clean. I always enjoy eating there. I especially love their fried plantains.

        2. Babe's or Cowboy Chicken in Carrollton

          1. Some new people opened Brothers again with a different name but the same chicken. Go back because its as good maybe better than Brothers.

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              Will have to try it. I read a review somewhere that said it was NOT as good. I hope it is! I miss Brothers too!

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                It might not be quite as good as Brothers. But, when Brother's closed, we started eating Chicken House and really enjoy it.

            2. For chicken I also agree with Pollo Campero, I've only been to the one on Preston/Bush. Has anyone tried William's Chicken in Carrollton? I drive past it all the time and have been curious.

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                I can't speak for the Williams in Carrollton, but the two locations that I have tried left a little to be desired. I enjoyed their sides, but the chicken lacked flavor. If you try it, BE CAREFUL. That stuff will fool you. The inside of that chicken is hotter than the sun. You will burn yourself if you bite in too soon.

              2. I really love the fried chicken (and salad, table veggies, and bread basket) at Celebration, but feel like it never gets enough cred here on CH. anyone agree?

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                1. Unfortunately, I didn't have the opportunity to try Brother's before its demise. I've been to Babe's a couple of times and although it's good I wasn't overly impressed. Right now, my goto chicken place is Big Mama's Chicken and Waffles. They only do drive-through so hopefully you're able to find someplace close to eat it. Then again, most of mine usually doesn't survive the drive home.

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                    Drive through waffles? What are they thinking?

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                      LOL. I'm a big fan of chicken and waffles. Even before being introduced to the combination, I liked honey on my fried chicken (picked that up going to school in Durham, NC).

                      That said, I agree with your drive through waffles comment. By the time I make it home, the waffle is soggy and not worth eating. The chicken, on the other hand, is excellent.

                  2. Henderson's at the SE corner of Royal and Abrams. 214.340.8777.

                    There is also a Hendersons on the west side of Harry Hines, just north of Mockingbird; just a little north of the "hopital district" at Harry Hines and Inwood.

                    Henderson's has been around Dallas for a long time. Same style as Brothers.

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                      Yep, Henderson's has been the best in Dallas for a long time. Was in the building on Gaston before Brothers.

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                        So is it ON Inwood or HH? I would love to try Henderson's chicken.

                        When I worked at CityPlace, people would often get on the elevator during lunch with the most aromatically fragrant, brown "chicken bag". Not only would I froth up with salivation, I would also swoon. "They" always told me it came from Henderson's, but by the time I finally made the drive over, they had closed shop.

                        Edit: never mind - I found their web-site and they are all over Dallas and surrounds. They also have a "tab" on their website about franchises and a notation about DeMarcus Faggins of the Detroit Lions and his Faggins Henderson Chicken Sport Bar. Their "contact" info notes a Corporate Headquarters location.

                        I'm just not buying into this being the same "Hendersons" that was on Gaston.......


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                          Cocoa...first Hendersons I recall was around 1975 near Hall and Central Expressway. Since then they have been in many different locations, they really move around a lot.

                          They were definitely the tenant in the Gaston Ave location prior to Brothers being there.

                          You owe it to yourself to try it....I had a late lunch today at the Abrams store: 3 wings with fries, plus an extra large order of dill pickles on the side. Delicious stuff.

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                            pinotho - I tried the chicken at lunch today. Not as crispy as I prefer, the skin/crust was seasoned well with salt, but the very large chicken breast, while very juicy and extremely tender just didn't deliver on the flavor side for me. This would have been alleviated on a different (smaller) piece where some of the crust would be included in each bite. I opted for the fried okra and I'd be very tempted to say it was hand made and excellent. I went with your suggestion and ordered some pickles, even though it's not a pairing I'd normally consider. Rather than being heavy on dill flavoring, they also had a nice saltiness about them. Everything just all worked well together. Definitely a place I'd return and recommend, but will get a leg or thigh next visit. Very friendly staff.

                            As to the location - I was at the one in Irving, SE corner Belt Line and Northgate. You order and pick up at the counter. Seating is a large area, split down the middle by the entrance. To one side is the "restaurant", to the other, a very nicely appointed full bar with probably 8-10 bar tables. Multiple TVs are hung strategically to meet most any viewing angle.

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                              glad you introduced yourself to Hendersons, glad it suited you......

                      2. Does anyone have any opinion / thoughts on "Raisin Canes"? I know very little about it and have never been, but I know an acquaintance from Louisiana who swears by them and drives significantly out of his way to meet his Lousiana friends at the one in Richardson. I kind of thought it was just nostalgia for something from home for them, but then I heard two other people talking about it today and how much they love it. I think there are a few locations and I think it is basically set up as fast food, but I really don't know. Am curious if there are any chowhounders who are fans who can fill me in...

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                          Ehhh, it's okay. It didn't taste better than any other fast food joint to me. Babes is my first choice for fried chicken, but since I love their mashed potatoes so much, I may be baised. Pollo Campero is very good as well.

                          1. re: sisterfunkhaus

                            Just FYI, hate to be the bearer of bad news, but the potatoes at Babes are instant....... but they used to be real. The corn is fresh off the cob, but processed by a 3rd party vendor. (I asked about this once while eating there) But they do fry the chicken on site!! and I imagine the salad is prepped from scratch also. This from one Babe's lover to another.

                          2. re: taldeac

                            I'm originally from Louisiana, so there is definitely nostalgia going on when I think of Cane's. I went to LSU, and the first Cane's was built right off campus. Late nights usually had us ending up there for the fries and toast to soak up the alcohol we consumed earlier. The chicken is juicy, but lacks any discernible flavor, which I guess is why people love the dipping sauce. I, on the other hand, am not a fan. Can't remember how the recipe goes, but there's a mix of Worcestershire, mayo, and other stuff. That sauce makes people go ga-ga.