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Dec 4, 2009 06:58 AM

Not "too sweet" desserts wanted in the Toronto area

I crave sweets/desserts once in a while and for some reason can't stomach the fact most bakeries, pastry stores etc. carry stuff that is too sweet for me. I don't have any health issues so I don't need to cut down or limit myself in regards to sugar. But every once in a while I have a craving, I go buy something and I can only eat maybe a quarter of it because its too darn sweet.

I don't bake or make anything sweet at home. I also love dark chocolate. Ideally I am looking for a dessert place or pastry shop that sells cookies, muffins, desserts etc that taste good but are not too sweet and have lots of flavour.


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  1. Tatsu's Bread on Lakeshore at Kipling uses very little sugar.

    1. I also find everything too sweet. I really like Dufflet, Raspberry Charlotte (a cake) is to die for.

      And I know you didn't ask, but the only ice cream I like is form Gelato Fresco. A bit harder to find lately, and more expensive than your regular supermarket brands, but for a good reason.

      1. Try Filipino bakeries. A lot of their desserts are not sweet at all.

        1. I find myself having the same criteria for desserts too, but maybe for entirely different reasons. I've been having health issues that seems to change my body chemistry entirely, where I cannot tolerate even a small amount of sweetness anymore. Still, I miss the idea of dessert and so am always trying to find a way to have my cake and eat it too.

          One idea that comes to mind is those cannolis that you find at Italian bakeries. They are more creamy than sweet, and are even better if you find the ones that are infused with liquor. You can also find reasonable versions at the patisserie counter at some grocery chains -- I think some even specify they are made with real cream.

          How about those tiny cookies from Persian bakeries? They are generally melt-in-your-mouth buttery but not very sweet at all, and taste good from the various spices and seeds and flavours like cardamon, rose water and pistachio.

          Around this time of the year, you can consider getting a panettone too.

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            My suggestions would be:

            Pain au Chocolat from Petite Thuet - the chocolate is very dark and not too sweet

            Pastries from Bakery Nakamura in J-Town... French Pastries by a Japanese chef who caters to the Japanese preference for less sweet desserts.

            I am surprised that tarteaucirtron above did not suggest a tarte au citron! :
            )In my opinion the lemon tart at the bakery next door to Celestin - is just perfect , not too sour, not too sweet. I am sure there are other desserts that are not too sweet - you would just need to ask which are less sweet.

          2. Almond Frangipane tarts from Frangipane on Dupont?