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Dec 4, 2009 06:46 AM

Craft - What to Order?

I will be dining this evening at Craft with my husband.
Any favorite dishes?
Wondering if the 28 day aged sirlion is any good?
How's the 30-Day Dry-Aged Côte du Boeuf for two?
What's your favorite starchy side?
Any word on the pastas?
And finally, how's the wine by the glass/cocktails?


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  1. A related question which I hope will also help the OP: how much to order? I also have an upcoming res and want to order most things on the menu, but obviously can't, so how much is the most two people can order without going overboard?

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      For two people I would recommend 2 appetizers, 2 mains, 1-2 sides, 2 desserts. Some items are bigger and heavier than others (especially the pastas) so definitely ask your servers for help. (I love the pastas there, BTW.) Try to get some lighter dishes to balance all of the starches and meats and braised items.

    2. My favorite items on the menu are the roasted sweetbreads, crispy bacon, roasted scallops, and braised short ribs. They do fantastic vegetable sides. I would order a medley of mushrooms (off menu but they will do this if you ask) or the sunchokes (aka jerusalem artichokes), for sure.

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      1. re: kathryn

        I was thinking the Diver Scallops. There are two scallop options on the menu so not sure which ones.
        Any thoughts on the steaks?

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          The diver scallops are the big, fat, juicy ones. Bay scallops are smaller, more like thumb sized. I think the diver scallops at Craft are just perfect but I've never had the pleasure of trying the bay scallops. Maybe ask your server which are better tonight?

          1. re: kathryn

            Great advice. I am looking forward to a great server.

        2. re: kathryn

          what do you guys suggest in terms of pastas or grains?

        3. I love the gnocchi there, it's so light and delicious and a steal relative to the rest of the items on the menu. The bacon is fantastic as well though quite rich. We've had the short rib which was very good. When my husband I went there (both decent appetites) we had 2 apps, 2 sides and shared the short rib. I think we managed to share a dessert. The second time we went we did a similar type of order. The portions on some items like the gnocchi and short rib are quite large so ask your server to help you with getting the right number of dishes.

          The bottles of wine are all on the more expensive side -- very few bottles under $75 if I remember correctly. We found the wine by the glass to be a great value as they give generous pours.

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          1. re: livetoeatnyc

            I am trying to talk my husband away from the sirloin and toward the short ribs.