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Dec 4, 2009 06:16 AM

A decent restaurant in Lynchburg VA

Hi everyone,
I'm taking a weekend trip today to Lynchburgh VA and was wondering if there are any good restaurants there? Thanks a bunch.

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  1. This thread may be of some help to you. if you do a search, you'll find a couple of other relevant threads as well.

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      Our latest trip was short, but we're discovering that downtown is really a starting to have some decent choices. It used to be the T Room or home cooking at relatives' houses.

      We ate lunch here: Waterstone Pizza Large portions, good prices, really good pizza in a nicely renovated riverfront restaurant space. My only (minor) complaint was the ho-hum bottled salad dressing on an otherwise huge Thai Chopped Salad. The half portions of salad are plenty. While eating we read the menu for their sister restaurant, Shoemaker's Grille. I love a grill with an "E", stands for extra fancy. The menu looked interesting Its my understanding that they opened with fine dining/higher prices, but that wasn't working so they've retooled to be more of a bistro.

      Speaking of bistros, SIL says this place is good, Robin Alexander Bistro, I only found a Yelp review, but it makes me really want to check it out. Unfortunately it was closed when we tried to go.

      Also closed, but also well liked by SIL is Fat Tuna for lunch. They close at 2 and we were wanting a very late lunch on Black Friday. Two locations

      Machu Picchu Peruvian in L-burg, crazy!? check it out.

      T Room, bring cash (not much, its cheap) order a "Cheesy Western all the way and a Bowl With" I recommend a little Coke in the glass bottle or milk to wash it down. You and your tummy will thank me for this place, ask anybody.

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        Sorry, I was out of town this weekend so couldn't help you out with restaurant recommendations.
        We've lived in L'burg for almost 10 years and here would be our picks:
        Dinner: Dish (small plates) or Bull Branch (ecclectic), both downtown. Shoemakers had opened as a high end steak house, now reopened as a less expensive bistro. Good, though not in the same category as dish. I've only been to Robin Alexander once since it recently opened, but I would describe it as very ordinary/average. It's too bad, because the atmosphere is good, but the food wasn't anything special.
        Lunch: Magnolias( sandwiches), Milan (Indian), Blue Marlin (seafood), Mangia (Italian, also good for dinner), Kabab Grill.
        I give more detail on these restaurants in other threads

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      1. The Main St. Eatery comes to mind. Quality food, pleasant atmosphere, great service and a wine list second to none in Lynchburg. The Mahi was grilled and out of this world, a delicate mint cous cous, chimmichurri had just the right heat. Rated the best desserts in Lynchburg and living up to it with ease. As an added benefit - today is first Friday in Downtown Lynchburg.