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Dec 4, 2009 05:27 AM

Latkes on the griddle...?

Has anyone ever made potato latkes on an electric griddle? It never occurred to me to do this before. I'm hoping to hear some success stories. Thanks!

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  1. My mom always made her latkes on a griddle. I don't see any reason why an electric griddle would make a difference. Go for it!

    1. I don't know, to me latkes aren't any good unless they're made with shredded (not pureed or grated!) potato and fried in enough fat to get them really crisp. I understand some people like the kind that are more pancakey in texture, but I find those boring and blah.

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        I also shred my potatoes for latkes. I love those crisp morsels. That's why I wasn't sure if a griddle could do an adequate job. I was thinking I'd brush the griddle with oil. Maybe if I made them very thin they'd be okay. I'm inclined to experiment with the first batch. If they're not good, I'll do the rest in a pan.

      2. I tend to agree that the small amount of oil on the griddle might be a problem getting the latkes thoroughly cooked in the nooks and crannies between the potato shreds- but I use a very coarse grating and barely any additional batter, so enough oil to get around the shreds is crucial. If you use a finer grate with more liquid, it might be "flat" enough to cook alright.

        I don't use a ton of oil (or a good bath of shmalts, the way I grew up with!), but a good 1/8" of oil in a heavy pan does help keep the temperature even as the element goes on/off, or as latkes are removed and added. I find that a key component of keeping things cooking efficiently for a large batch is to make sure that the temperature is stable, or else you'll end up having to constantly check and monitor to see when to flip, and it's hard to get a good rhythm down for when they should be ready.