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Dec 4, 2009 04:42 AM

green turtle to open in olney

it's official, green turtle to open in shopping center that used to have the movies along with Harris Teater

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  1. That is interesting as I had heard that the owner was planning to sell the property to someone who wanted to tear it down and put up more appartments/condos.

    1. I'd heard of the chance Harris Teeter was coming in a while ago. Conversations overheard in both the Giant & Safeway more recently led me to believe Harris Teeter had backed out.
      I'd like to see them come to Olney. Much more convenient for me, and it would tend to up the level of service in the existing grocery store. (At least that's what seemed to be the case in the Clarksville Giant when HT opened in Maple Lawn).

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      1. re: mdfoodlover

        Olney now has 3 supermarkets within walking distance: SFW, Giant and Safeway. If Harris comes, I will go there most of the time. If Wegman's came, I would never go anywhere else. But the MC pols have decided, with "urging" from competitors no doubt in the form of endorsements and campaign money, that it's "too big", even though four stores would obviously be bigger than one Wegman's.

        1. re: a1234

          plus the safeway is being torn down and rebuilt as a more modern and larger store like the Bauer Drive store

          1. re: dining with doc

            I didn't know that. I recall shopping in that Safeway in the early 70's, when I believe it was brand new, and being impressed with what a nice big, modern store it was.
            To be fair, I was comparing it to the little tiny dive of a Safeway in Kensington, where Mom always took me as a kid in the 60's.

            I could sure go for a close by Whole Foods or Wegmans myself.

      2. Good news.
        But too bad they won't also put up another theater. Instead, we'll probably get another nail salon and a tanning joint as well.

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        1. re: a1234

          Actually it's already been confirmed that a 1600sf nail/spa will be opening in the same center. There is no downer as big as when another spa, dry cleaners, bank or gas station opens...........

          1. re: ciaoda

            Just what Olney needs, another cookie cutter chain restaurant.

            1. re: dinwiddie

              But they'll probably have better BBQ than Urban...