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I have landed here from Toronto, for work related issues. Since I am alone , I am looking for good take out places. I have read the posts , but most are dine in choices. I like pizza , asian, burgers , wings , and esp deli. I have tried a few burger places , all the burgers were overcooked , more like saw dust happening. Also what is with the chili?. I had ok pizza at Gondolas , but there has to be better, I hope. I have tried Meyers for deli, what a joke , I can get the same corn beef at a supermarket , Oscars is ok , but I live in the south end of the Peg, and they close , at 2pm. Would appreciate any recs

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  1. Hmm there's a place by St. Mary's Road and Dakota Ave (Sorry, I moved from Winnipeg to Calgary.. so I apologize if my memory is shot) , it's I believe called George's Burgers. You can always call ahead and pick up. Their chili burgers are good, but they have an array of items you can order from, and I'm sure they even have a take out menu.

    1. south-end Asian--Sun Fortune at Pembina and Chancellor does take out (Cantonese-style Chinese), Siam Thai on St. Anne's just south of Bishop Grandin.

      Pizza--Diana's on south St. Anne's (way down south). I prefer Academy Road pizza, but they're no longer on Academy and are way out in west winnipeg (west portage ave, I think).

      No good deli in Winnipeg.

      You don't mention if you have a car available or where in the south you are. That info would help with other recs.

      Also, which burger places did you try?

      No good chili in Winnipeg, either.

      There are a lot of single-diner-friendly eat-in choices, too, if you're interested in those. Things like pho just aren't take-out friendly.

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        I am at grant and kenaston, I tried georges' new york burger , and juniors, i may starve here

        1. I was in Wpg for the summer (from Cgy) and frequently ate at Bonfire Bistro. It is just fine for solo dining. But they also have excellent take out pizza - make their own crust, wood oven. I'm sure you take out anything from them. I loved their lamb. It was excellent. It is on Corydon.

          1. I've spent a bit of time in Winnipeg (generally 4 business trips each year). Here are some restaurants that were good finds for me:

            - Stella's Cafe - love their veggie burger (and I'm not vegetarian), curries, zucchini cake
            - I'll second Wasabi, I was born and raised in Vancouver the mecca of sushi and the sushi I had here was so good!
            - I visited Izakaya last time, it was opened for only a week. It was really good then but I haven't visited since the opening

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              thank you , appreciated , i will try them

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                forgot to mention Ta Ke sushi on Pembina. I usually eat alone in restaurants on business trips but on those days when I just want take out, I go to this place. It's a small place that does mostly take out. The 3-4 employees are always super helpful.

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                  Second on TAKE sushi, great for take out. Steer away from Sushi Train that is right across the street.

                  Also, Dandelion Cafe and eatery has a bar where you can grab a bite, solo.


            2. First off Welcome to Winterpeg....wait till summer you'll love it here. Here's my list:
              Chinese - Four Seasons in Southdale,
              Authentic Chinese - North Garden - University Cres or Sun Fortune,
              Sushi - Wasabi,
              Burgers: VJs on Main, Dairy Whip in St, Boniface, Daly Burger on Corydon or Pembina,
              Pizza depends on what type of pizza you like wood fired or regular oven...if it's the wood fired variety try Pizzeria Gusto on Academy or Civita's on Corydon, regular ovens try Pizza Hotline or Cafe 22 (they're really reasonable too),
              Deli - try Bernstein's on Corydon,
              Asian Fusion - Hu's is pretty decent,
              Mexican, Casa Burrito on River

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                I just want to add a footnote that I recently had a great meal at Champa Bistro (Asian Fusion) on Osborne, newly opened. Four Seasons IS delicious, but very much in a 'red food coloring in the sweet and sour sauce' kind of way. The broccoli is a little unnaturally green...MSG anyone?

                And I hate to disagree with ilikefude, but I had an absolutely dismal meal at Civita's this summer. The bread was stale (seriously? In an Italian restaurant?), the alfredo sauce was clearly bottled (plastic with your pasta anyone?), and worst of all, the pizza crust was so overcooked it was like a bad cracker. (there was also a disconcerting herbal note in the crust). I have heard great things about Tomato Pie company on Osborne but I haven't made it there yet myself.

                Sun Fortune on Pembina is the bomb, no doubt.

                Happy eats,

              2. For Vietnamese you can try any of the places on Sargent--Asia City (they're fresh fruit coconut bubble tea is amazing) is good for single diners because it's not really a restaurant. I didn't notice if they still do pho there, but their banh mi are pretty good, too.

                Nhu Qunyh also has good pho. It's mostly eat it, but it's single-diner friendly, I think.

                For Indian I've seen plenty of single diners at Taste of India. I think they do take-out, but I'm not sure. India Palace on Ellice definitely does take-out.

                If you're interested in Indian snacks and sweets, there's an Indian grocery store on Pembina Highway near Chancellor. I can't remember the name off-hand, but it's in the strip mall where there's a small A&W, just before Fabricland (so it's just north of Bishop Grandin, I think, on the west side of Pembina).

                I've only been to Bonfire Bistro once, but my pizza was sadly overcooked and the service was crappy. I know I should give them another chance, but there are too many other restaurants in Winnipeg to try.

                Sukhothai doesn't have very good Thai food. As food it might be OK food, but as Thai food, it sucks. (I'm half Thai, and the food at Sukhothai isn't anything like what I grew up eating).

                Sort of near you, for take-out Greek, Greek Market has a small but tasty great selection. It's at 1440 Corydon, so it's not too far from you. I like their pastitsio and what's called "chicken manestra" (it's orzo and chicken in tomato sauce). They also have gyros and the like, but I've never tried them. They only do take-out.

                If you ever think you might want to eat out for Chinese, don't go to Sun Fortune unless you go early (like 5 or 6), or unless you make reservations. They're pretty busy every night of the week (and during lunch, too), and it can be a long wait for a table. Take out isn't too long a wait, but it's best to call ahead. They make awesome spicy salted (salted spicy?)shrimp (shell and heads on, but you can request no shells or heads. The breading is kind of thick without the shells, though, so it's not as good). They do the same dish with boneless fish, too.

                I think North Garden kind of went a bit downhill after they expanded, but the food is still good. Just not as good as it used to be.

                I've had solo lunches at Bistro Dansk, but never dinner. They do take out at lunch, so they may do take-out at dinner, too. Very, very good schnitzel there (and the best hazelnut pie ever!).

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                  Thank you Prasantrin for the recomendations , I tried the Whitehouse tonight for dinner, they only do take out. They claim they have the best ribs in Winnipeg. Was a rack of bones, sauce was ok , got extra on the side. However there was no meat on the bones. The fries were ok , they gave me enough to feed four people and the slaw was ok , typical Winnipeg , cabbage and vinegar. I will try the chicken , soon , hopefully there will be more to eat.

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                    Winnipeg doesn't have good ribs (except maybe the spareribs and rice dim sum dish at Kum Koon Garden, but that's a different type) or barbecue . Some people like Lovey's in St. Boniface, but I thought it wasn't very good barbecue at all. The owner did a sort of pilgrimage of southern barbecue, and he uses a smoker which made it seem very promising, but it's really a poor imitation of southern barbecue (but if you've never had "real" barbecue, it might be OK).

                    If you like fried chicken, there's a place on Sargent (679 Sargent) that's take-out only, I think. They have fried chicken skins. What could be better than that? Their fried chicken is pretty good, too, though it can be kind of greasy.

                    In your 'hood, try Eva's for the best gelato ever. Seriously good stuff. The one at Corydon and Stafford has more flavours, but the original (and much smaller) branch is closer to your location. Dulce de leche and hazelnut make for an excellent combination if you get a double. Halvah is pretty good, too.

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                      Thank you , looks like my choices , at this point is pizza or asian, maybe some greasy chicken. Loveys in on Goulet? I think I passed it a few times. There has got to be a decent deli , in the city? Looking for a good corn beef sandwich , hot sliced style.

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                        No good deli in Winnipeg. Really. You're SOL. Your best bet would be to make your own if you really want good corned beef. Otherwise, you're pretty much stuck with Schneiders or whatever brand is most commonly purchased.

                        But if you want good house-made Ukrainian or Polish sausage, Winnipeg can give you some.

                        You really should try Bistro Dansk. It's not pizza or Asian, so it can be your little touch of variety. They're open Saturdays for lunch, and they really are very single-diner friendly (and they do take out, at least for lunch). I love their chicken pate. Two huge slabs topped with sauteed mushrooms and thick bacon. And of course the schnitzel is always delicious.

                        Back to Asian, Sun Wah grocery store has take out roast duck, poached chicken, barbecue pork and roast pork. The duck and chicken have a minimum half-bird order, but the pork stuff can be purchased in whatever quantitiy you wish. Then all you have to do is make your own rice.

                        Anyway, you can find a lot of good Asian food in Winnipeg, but not so much European because of the immigration patterns (historically, most immigrants to Winnipeg have been poor, and even less economically-advantaged Asians eat flavourful food, but less econonically-advantaged Eastern Europeans have (subjectively speaking) less flavourful food).

                        Oh, Piazza di Nardi has Italian take-out. They even have some tables so you can eat-in if you want. It's all very casual. Most of the food is more Italian-Canadian than Italian but it's very close to you--right at Waverly and Taylor. Deluca's might, too, but I can't remember now (they're not as close--on Portage west of downtown).

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                          Hey ty prasntrin , I will try the schnitzel for sure , sounds good , and ur asian recs . I went to a asian store on McPhillips was excellent got the pork slices and and the chicken . Was impressed , forgot the name

                2. Seems like you got a lot of good recommendations already. But thought I'd add a few more suggestions. You can do take out for all of them.

                  If you like Vietnamese, I like Phuong Nam on 883 William Avenue (further than where you're staying but good food there). Here is their menu. http://www.phuongnamrestaurant.com/me...
                  Also I love the pho at Viva on 505 Sargent. It is possible to do take out pho as I have done that numerous times and I live here. The ice vietnamese coffee is strong and lovely at both places.

                  I have not found a good place for chili or deli either in Winnipeg.

                  If you like sushi, I recently tried Wako Sushi Cafe on 875 Corydon and they do take out only (just a couple of chairs for a quick meal). Great inexpensive sushi. I didn't expect much from this place but it was good. Umi sushi on 1659 Kenaston near the Walmart is also pretty good - I like the alaskan roll and tiger roll there.

                  I love Lao Thai on 79 St. Anne's Road. Not much in terms of decor but it serves amazing Laotian and Thai food there! I love the souk-gai (chicken ginger soup that's pretty spicy if you order it at a level 3 or 4). Also love the Gang Keo (chicken green cury) and the thome-yam soup. Every dish is under $10 there. If you can't eat spicy, I'd go for the dishes that have no chili pepper beside it or if they let you choose - pick 1 only.

                  I heard that Mrs. Mikes on Tache in St. Boniface is good (haven't tried it yet and they may be closed now that it's winter...it's just a shack). VJs is good too but may be closed now that it's winter. I love the fries at VJs too.

                  Also like the Burrito del Rio on River Avenue in the Village. Great shrimp tacos there! it's casual dine in and take out.

                  As for pizza, I wasn't too impressed with Diana's pizza...even though they say their pizza won some international competition. Pizzeria Gusto is decent gourmet pizza but kind of overpriced for what you get and of a dine in restaurant. Value for money and decent pizza, I like Cafe 22's pizza hotline on Corydon. I know lots of people like Santa Lucia pizza - they put a lot of toppings and meat on it (not my fav but lots of people like it). There's one on 532 Waterloo near your end of town and a few more splattered around the city.

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                    Thanks dineoutgal for the suggestions , the asian ones look great. Seems Asian and Pizza are they way to go in the Peg

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                      I like Phuong Nam, too. Viva also has good bubble tea, as does Asia City. At either place, the young coconut made with real coconut is pretty great; it's very rich. Any of the real fruit ones are good, actually.

                      I just thought of a chili place--Wendy's. Only very slight tongue in cheek; it's probably the best chili in town (which tells you of the sad state of chile in Winnipeg). I used to like Carlos and Murphy's chili, but now the only thing I'll eat there is the plain nachos (just with cheese and green chiles). The rest of their food is pretty crappy most of the time.