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Dec 4, 2009 12:43 AM


I have landed here from Toronto, for work related issues. Since I am alone , I am looking for good take out places. I have read the posts , but most are dine in choices. I like pizza , asian, burgers , wings , and esp deli. I have tried a few burger places , all the burgers were overcooked , more like saw dust happening. Also what is with the chili?. I had ok pizza at Gondolas , but there has to be better, I hope. I have tried Meyers for deli, what a joke , I can get the same corn beef at a supermarket , Oscars is ok , but I live in the south end of the Peg, and they close , at 2pm. Would appreciate any recs

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  1. Hmm there's a place by St. Mary's Road and Dakota Ave (Sorry, I moved from Winnipeg to Calgary.. so I apologize if my memory is shot) , it's I believe called George's Burgers. You can always call ahead and pick up. Their chili burgers are good, but they have an array of items you can order from, and I'm sure they even have a take out menu.

    1. south-end Asian--Sun Fortune at Pembina and Chancellor does take out (Cantonese-style Chinese), Siam Thai on St. Anne's just south of Bishop Grandin.

      Pizza--Diana's on south St. Anne's (way down south). I prefer Academy Road pizza, but they're no longer on Academy and are way out in west winnipeg (west portage ave, I think).

      No good deli in Winnipeg.

      You don't mention if you have a car available or where in the south you are. That info would help with other recs.

      Also, which burger places did you try?

      No good chili in Winnipeg, either.

      There are a lot of single-diner-friendly eat-in choices, too, if you're interested in those. Things like pho just aren't take-out friendly.

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        I am at grant and kenaston, I tried georges' new york burger , and juniors, i may starve here

        1. I was in Wpg for the summer (from Cgy) and frequently ate at Bonfire Bistro. It is just fine for solo dining. But they also have excellent take out pizza - make their own crust, wood oven. I'm sure you take out anything from them. I loved their lamb. It was excellent. It is on Corydon.

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            1. I've spent a bit of time in Winnipeg (generally 4 business trips each year). Here are some restaurants that were good finds for me:

              - Stella's Cafe - love their veggie burger (and I'm not vegetarian), curries, zucchini cake
              - I'll second Wasabi, I was born and raised in Vancouver the mecca of sushi and the sushi I had here was so good!
              - I visited Izakaya last time, it was opened for only a week. It was really good then but I haven't visited since the opening

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                thank you , appreciated , i will try them

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                  forgot to mention Ta Ke sushi on Pembina. I usually eat alone in restaurants on business trips but on those days when I just want take out, I go to this place. It's a small place that does mostly take out. The 3-4 employees are always super helpful.

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                    Second on TAKE sushi, great for take out. Steer away from Sushi Train that is right across the street.

                    Also, Dandelion Cafe and eatery has a bar where you can grab a bite, solo.