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Dec 4, 2009 12:16 AM

Japanese Curry?

Could anyone recommend a good restaurant for Japanese Curry in Chicago? Since moving to Chicago last year, I have found all of none, and now that the snow has arrived I'm keen to begin my search anew.
Thank you much...

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  1. Have you found no good ones, or none at all?
    If you have found no good ones, please let us know where you have been.

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    1. re: gordeaux

      A bit of both. I've been to the Japanese restaurants around me like Totoro, Kamehachi, Ginza, and they don't seem to offer curry. Places I have found to offer it tend to be Pan Asian, such as Pacific Bistro or Miss Asia, but these just aren't the goods.

      1. re: eskimo.mel

        While I'm not a fan of Japanese Curry, and do not know a place that always has it on the menu, I do know of a place that has it for a special every so often, and the folks I know who do like Japanese Curry, say it's the best in the city.

        Sunshine Cafe
        5449 N Clark St

        1. re: gordeaux

          Well, if you don;t mind the crowd, try the curry by Mitsuwa. Also, you might consider buying the curry packet and cook them at home. I personally use Golden Curry or Java Curry, both can be purchased at Mitsuwa.

      2. re: gordeaux

        Ginza used to have it on their lunch menu. It's been a while since I've had it there, but they're a very traditional place that caters to Japanese businessmen, so there's a good bet they still serve it.

        Ginza Restaurant
        19 E Ohio St, Chicago, IL 60611

      3. i'm not sure if you can find curry in the japanese restaurants in the city, which are designed to cater to non-japanese crowds (who are more likely to be drawn to sushi and teriyaki when it comes japanese food). you will have morel luck finding home-style food (like curry) in the northwest suburbs. i know for sure that Sakura and the food courts at Mitsuwa and Tensuke have curry. i think you might also have luck at Daruma Restaurant and izakaya like Sankyu or Kurumaya. good luck!