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Dec 3, 2009 11:41 PM

???? re Nordic Ware "fancy" cake molds--have you used them?

I was thinking about getting one of these, specifically to make one of my Christmas dinner desserts, just for something different:

Have you ever used them? With the ones that have especially angular or "pointy" designs, do the details show up in the cakes? Is it hard to remove the cakes? Also, are they non-stick, and if so, do the cakes brown properly?

In particular, I was considering one of the following shapes: the chrysanthemum, fleur-de-lis, holiday tree or cathedral molds. I'm thinking of doing a babas au rhum, although that might change.

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  1. I just have the basic bundt in that series, and it has both rounded and pointy elements. The details come out beautifully clear. They are nonstick, but you still really need to use butter+flour or whatever that bakers version of Pam (baker's companion or something?) is, to ensure a smooth release. I can't really comment on the browning.

    I've always wanted some of the designs you're talking about ( I've been admiring the sunflower, actually) but how many bundt pans does a person need? So, lately , I've been eying the minis, which come in some of the same flower shapes you're considering, but smaller. I see they are on sale on that site, with free shipping on orders over $50, so, that might nudge me towards a purchase.

    I would love to hear what you end up with, what you do with it, and how it turns out.


    1. I have the castle pan and the details come out very well. And the cake is browned properly. I use a pastry brush to get shortening in all the nook and crannies before flouring. And give it a hard bang over sink (oooo, that sounds dirty) to make sure there is no excess flour. I have found if I don't do that last step, sometimes the details are lost a little.

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        LOL, Sooey, re the sink. It will be our little secret. ;-)

      2. I've used the castle and the details do come out remarkably clear. Because of the nature of the shape, it is not especially easy to get an artistic glaze on one.

        1. I have both the bundt cake (large) and smaller individual cake pans. I LOVE them and always get oohs and aahs when I serve something baked in them. I use the "bakers" spray formulation and they slide out of the pans beautifully. The biggest problem is cleaning the pans afterward. Also, you can usually find these on sale for $20 or less at TJ Maxx or Tuesday Morning.

          1. I have the "Bavaria" one. I grease and flour it, as for a basic cake. (I don't remember if that's what the manufacturer says, or if it is "theoretically" non-stick on its own). I bought it as a replacement for a dollar-store type "bundt" pan, and passed the "bundt" pan on to a daughter starting up her kitchen.

            I really like the Nordic ware pan-- much better than the dollar-store pan. My cakes come out beautifully.