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Dec 3, 2009 10:59 PM

Where to find Quelque Chose, the cherry beer from Unibroue in the East Bay or SF?

It's not Christmas without warm cherry beer. Could you hounds let me know if you see any Quelque Chose? Also, I wouldn't mind finding some Stone's ginger wine...

'Tis the season for drinking. Happy and Merry, everyone.

Thanks for your help!
Ms. Veg

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  1. I have seen the beer at Healthy Spirits on Castro and about 15th, and at Plumpjack in Noe Valley. Good Luck. I bought a bottle at Healthy Spirits in the summer, but managed to drink it already in November....

    1. not sure about that specific one, but bevmo in jack london/oakland has a good spread of Unibroue's creations--call them?

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      1. re: moto

        Does the brick-and-mortar Bevmo sell different products than I always figured the stock was virtually identical. Bevmo carries Trois Pistoles, Maudite, La Fin du Monde, Blanche de Chambly, etc. but I don't think I've ever seen this seasonal beer there.

      2. Give Ledger's a call.

        Bevmo has Stone's.

        Ledger's Liquors
        1399 University Ave, Berkeley, CA 94702

        1. I have not had that specific brew, so am not sure if this would match, but I recently bought a Samuel Smith Cherry Ale at Whole Foods in Oakland, which (accorditing to the label) is a blend of two aged ales and cherry juice. They also make a version of this in raspberry, which I saw recently at Berkeley Bowl East. This fruit ale was distinct from the lambic-based fruit brews in that it lacks the lambic bitter-sour components. The fruit juice component is more distinct but is matched by the assertiveness of the aged ale. It is reminiscent of the Belgian product Fruli, although in that brew the fruit juice dominates the less assertive witbier component.

          1. I'm quite certain that Whole Foods has carried it, and recently.

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            1. re: Spatlese

              Which Whole Foods? I just called Oakland and they didn't have it. No luck with Ledger's, either. Where are the beer elves and fairies?