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Dec 3, 2009 08:37 PM

Berkeley Marina Sport Fishing - Crab salad, Live crabs, barbecue and kimchee

This is the little bait and tackle shop located under Hana Japanese Restaurant in the Marina. There is a grocery and a small deli. During the summer they serve barbecue.

Currently they are selling live crab, crab salad, crab salad sandwiches and take-home crab dinners that includes garlic bread and a green salad.

There is a big tank of live crabs near the door. A few were really lively with one doing it's best to scale the 3 foot side of the round tank. Crabs today were $4.99. It was an additional $2 to cook them.

I had the crab salad sandwich on a roll ($6.99). It was very nice with super-fresh crab and just lightly dressed with mayo. The roll was of the supermarket variety so while this wasn't bad, a better option would be selecting bread or buying crab salad and making a sandwich at home. The salad deserves and artisan roll.

There was also sliced tomato and crispy romaine on the sandwich. Tell them no mustard. I don't know if he forgot and started to put mustard like every sandwich. There was only a light dab, but it didn't belong.

Crab sold at bait and tackle shops it seems is always local Last year I saw the sign right thru January. He said he only gets crab off the boats. This is also true of another shop in Sonoma. Long after fishmongers and markets are getting crab from the Northwest, these places are still selling local California crab. Here's the info about the Sonoma place.

Sole Man: Fresh, live, local crab at the Sonoma marina - or - buying fish off the boat at bait and tackle shops

During the summer they have barbecue which includes bbq chicken, spicy chicken, short ribs, hamburgers and hot links.

There is a list of simple sandwiches; roast beef, turkey, ham, salami, blt, club, grilled cheese, egg salad, chicken breast.

Pre-made salads include chef, tuna, oriental chicken, chicken caesar, vegetarian, Greek pasta, potato, and fruit.

The salads looked pretty good for pre-made. The fruit salad was particularily impressive with fresh slices of kiwi and fresh strawberies in addition to citrus, melon and probably other fruit. They also sell whole fruit such as oranges, apples and bananas. There are hard-boiled eggs too.

They also have deli containers of housemade kimchee. I'm assuming the owners are Korean.

It is not a bad place to pick up a sandwich if in the Marina.

They also schedule fishing trips. Currently a "Crab N' Dab" trip is available. I assume that is sand dabs.

Berkeley Marina Sport Fishing
225 University Ave, Berkeley, CA 94710

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  1. This is great to know about. It's a handy place to pick up fresh crab when we're in that area and a good reason to head to the marina for a bike ride.

    1. I wonder how their crab salad compares to that at the little SeaBreeze deli at the entrance to the Marina (right where University crosses the freeway). That's another place known for really good crab, and just down the street from the bait store.

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      1. re: Agent 510

        Funny you mention the Sea Breeze because I took my kids there the day before Thanksgiving when we were out doing errands so they could get some chowder in a bread bowl. I tried a catfish sandwich and it was only fair. Not to say I would not go back again but it wasn't that great. Kids liked it. The Berkeley Marine spot was intruguing but I guess I won't be too eager to try that either.

        1. re: Agent 510

          I stopped by Sea Breeze today and was going to try the garlic crab. I also stopped there when I fiest went to BMSF. I've never been a fan of this place. They seem to have vastly scaled back. The shelves have less and the salads look tired.

          So I asked about the garlic crab. It is frozen and they steam it. Well, no thank you.

          Yelpers go into orgamistic ecstacy over the clam chowder. So I asked if they made their own clam chowder. Nope.

          I guess you can't expect much from a place that has krab cakes and clam strips on the menu.

          The one thing that looked like it might be decent are the whole artichokes.

          1. re: Agent 510

            The SeaBreeze on a nice warm day is a great place to hang. It has the lack of pretense like many roadside food stands. But besides a drink or ordering really, really conservatively, there's not much there. It's a real shame because given the location, it could be great. I think they do fine however given the location. Despite the proximity to the bay, the seafood just isn't all that...I think it's all frozen as suggested. Oh well. It does have a sea breeze however.

          2. I purchased cooked crabs here last crab season, but would no longer do so. After one bad experience, where I was unsure whether the crabs were bad and/or still raw, I returned and gave them feedback. They offered me two more crabs, which both had exactly the same problem. I liked the idea of this place, but won't be back. If it were just one crab, one time, I'd consider it the random luck of dealing with a fresh product that was recently fished out of the sea. Twice in a row, then I wonder what's up with them.

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            1. re: jillyju

              Can't say. FWIW, I asked about the cooked crab and they said they cook some in the morning and others in the afternoon. The afternoon boil is about 1pm. The whole dinner is $16.

              I bought a loaf of excellent sourdough today and went back to buy some of their great crab salad. Turns out what they mean by crab salad is a scoop of the salad on top of lots of greens.

              I cajoled them into selling me some crab salad alone in a deli container. They said selling the crab salad itself would be way too expensive. I don't know. I'd pay big bucks for it by its lonesome. Every bit as good as my first try ... made better by great bread. Here's my report about it.

            2. Well, I went over there and tried the crab sandwich, and I quite enjoyed it. I'm not sure I'd say it was lightly dressed - seemed like typical crab salad to me - but it had a nice sweet flavor and it certainly tasted fresh, better than what I remember getting from the Sea Breeze Market and cheaper too.

              Yeah for Chow discoveries inside bait & tackle shops!