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Best dishes in San Francisco with an egg on top?

Ok, rather than highjack a thread on Ubuntu, I am following Robert's suggestion to start a new post:


A little background: I've had a craving lately for savory dishes with an egg on top: looking specifically for a runny yolk that will mix in with whatever it tops, improving it...the craving started when I was at Jardiniere not too long ago and ordered salad similar to a frisee aux lardon (only it had roasted squash instead of bacon) that came topped with a slow cooked poached egg...I was so excited by the description, but when the egg came (a long time later, btw, service was very slow), the yolk was not runny! (btw, Hubby claims that I should have known a slow cooked egg wouldn't have a runny yolk, but I disagree: it was slow cooked at very low temp. To me, the whole point is to be able to mix in that lovely runny yolk. with whatever..) I am not in the city much anymore, but I'll put a place with the perfect dish on my list to try as a holiday present to myself!

anyway, I had the craving, it wasn't satisfied, and I can't get the thought of lovely egg yolks out of my mind for some reason. So hounds, where have you had a great one? I know some folks have mentioned the dish with a slow cooked egg at Commis: is that the pork jowl? Is the egg still soft?

and yes, to answer Ruth, I have had the piperade at Piperade. Loved it. It's been a long time though, perhaps it is time to go back....

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  1. Bi bim bop and loco mocos come to mind.

    I'll let someone else talk about bi bim bop. For loco moco, I heard Namu serves one and it's pretty good but I haven't confirmed. Other then that, it's L&L and other Hawaiian places.

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      Sundance Kitchen has loco moco at lunch time. Pizzetta 211 has a farm egg, kale, sausage, Parmesan pizza.

    2. Does it have to be the city? Commis does wonderful things with eggs.
      In the city, I like pizza with egg at Piccino.

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        yes, Commis is on my list to try, which is why I am hoping someone will chime in about the texture of that slow cooked egg....but alas, pizza is not a favorite dish of mine. Perhaps an egg on top would improve it...

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          Silog plates? If anyone has a favorite, please let us know.

        2. Gialina's pizza, any of them, with an egg on top.... Also most peruvian restaurants should have a lomo montado - just a steak and rice with a fried egg on the rice. Mix it up with peruvian aji (hot sauce). Rice and fried egg is one of the best dinners ever.

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            When we went to Commis we got two dishes with an egg on top -- an amuse and an app as mentioned in the Ubuntu thread. Both had soft eggs. I guess it's a bit of a crap shoot as to whether they'll be on the menu but the app one seems to have been around for a while. I thought they were both v. tasty and wondered how in the second they managed to cook and serve just the yolk.

            I know pizza is not a fave for you but FWIW the SO was pretty impressed with the egg-on-top one he had at Pizzeria Delfina in March...

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              The app with the egg is no longer on the menu at Commis. However, they serve an amuse with a soft cooked egg yolk only (no whites) seved in an onion cream sauce with house made granola. The yolk was not runny but that combination of textures and flavors was decadent and dream-worthy.

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                Sorry I said second and it should have been first -- Cecelia has described the amuse much better than I!

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                  had a version of the amuse at Commis not long ago (though I don't remember the granola). It was interesting, but didn't think it was any way elevated to the level of dreamy. Now, if the yolk *had* been runny, than maybe...

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                All these pizza with eggs recs...and to think my 10 and 8 year old kids thought I was crazy for suggesting to add a fried egg to their leftover breakfast pizza twenty years ago.
                I was just ahead of my time!

              3. Beretta does a carbonara pizza for brunch on weekends with pancetta and two eggs on top. Twice I've had it with runny eggs, but once the yolks were dry. It is delicious but I'd specify you'd like the yolks loose.

                1199 Valencia St, San Francisco, CA 94110

                1. My Tofu House gives you an egg with the soon dobu.

                  Incanto's pasta with shaved tuna heart and egg.

                  Han Il Kwan has good stone-bowl bi bim bap.

                  My Tofu House
                  4627 Geary Blvd, San Francisco, CA 94118

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                    A pedant might say that soon dobu has an egg on the side, not on top.

                    As a round-eye I usually get asked if I want the egg.

                  2. Other than the dishes listed so far, one of my favorites with a runny egg is New Mexico enchiladas. Typically they are a stack of unrolled tortillas layered with sauce and cheese/meat, and topped with a sunny-side up egg. Unfortunately I don't know any place in SF that has them, though there are a few places in the East Bay.

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                      Which places in the East Bay? The only two remaining New Mexican places I know of in the area are Green Chile Kitchen in SF and the Danville branch of La Ultima.

                      Green Chile Kitchen
                      1801 McAllister St, San Francisco, CA 94117

                      La Ultima New Mexican Food
                      455 Hartz Ave, Danville, CA 94526

                      1. re: Robert Lauriston

                        Besides La Ultima there is La Pinata, a small family owned chain. I go to their Concord location but they have locations in Hayward and Alameda, I believe. Sonoran style enchiladas are pretty similar to New Mex, and I think I've had some in Fruitvale but I'll have to dig further to prod my memory on that.

                        1. re: j mather

                          I don't believe there's anything New Mexican about La Piñata. The food seems like standard Mexican-American to me.

                          1. re: Robert Lauriston

                            La Pinata does have a New Mexico style enchilada on their menu. It's one of my favorites there.

                            The enchiladas are made flat (tortilla/filling/tortilla), then covered with cheese and eggs. Order the eggs sunny side up and you have plenty of runny yolk to mix with the enchilada innards. Good times.

                    2. I am a big fan of the salmon egg bowl at Samovar - brown rice, soy ginger sauce, a nice chunk of smoked salmon and two perfectly poached eggs, scallions on top. So delicious. Kick back, gaze over Yerba Buena, eat, and contemplate the skyline.

                      Samovar Tea Lounge
                      730 Howard St, San Francisco, CA 94103

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                          Try the warm poached egg salad at 1300 on Fillmore.

                      1. We used to go to King of Thai for some Kao Gao Prow (Ground Pork, bell peppers, Thai Chilis, Basil over rice) and add an extra (or 2) fried egg on top - yolk was always runny, and you could mix it in with the meat and rice! Yum!

                        1. The Bistec a lo Pobre at Mi Lindo Peru on Mission near 29th is a nice big hunk of steak
                          fried with peppers and onions, served with potatoes, a fried plantain, and topped with
                          a fried egg.

                          I haven't been there in a couple of years, so no recent report, but man was it good. And
                          last time I was there it was well under $15.

                          1. Frisée traditionnelle aux lardons $11.50 - the softly poached egg oozed richly on the crisp lettuce at Bistro Central Parc

                            Bistro Central Parc
                            560 Central Ave, San Francisco, CA 94117

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                              Cysa, thank you, thank you! missed your original post...will have to check this out soon!

                            2. Far south, but

                              Crispy Sweetbreads / Slow Poached Egg / Black Truffle Jus and Celery Cream

                              was awesome at Village Pub.

                              1. any poached egg dish at 2223 for brunch...of special note is Chef Melinda's smoked salmon benedict...housemade lemon-scone, 2 perfectly poached eggs, Scottish smoked salmon (sometimes housemade cold smoked) and dill hollandaise. Fresh biscuits and amazing sausage, poached eggs, and of course gravy.

                                2223 Restaurant
                                2223 Market St, San Francisco, CA 94114

                                1. Savory.. I would recommend the weiner schnitzel at Canteen. I don't normally like runny eggs running all over the place.. but that dish was great/satisfying/comfort food (I enjoy a good weiner schnitzel anyway). I would order it again.

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                                    Is this a brekky dish or for dinner, shanshan?

                                    1. re: grayelf

                                      Silog plates? If anyone has a favorite, please let us know.

                                  2. Katsu-curry @ On the Bridge.

                                    On the Bridge
                                    1581 Webster St # 206, San Francisco, CA

                                    1. Caramelized onion panna cotta with sturgeon bacon and sturgeon caviar (with onion jam brioche) at SPQR