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Dec 3, 2009 07:04 PM

bistro verdu + ingredients=fork montrose

couldn't be happier to see this happen!.
michael ruiz, of bistro verdu/ingredients acclaim, has returned to montrose.
his style of cooking is always what i want to eat when i don't want to cook for myself, so i have really missed both verdu and ingredients these past couple years!
he's sharing the gourmet a go go space (gail connel will still be catering there, under that name), but the menu is unadulterated ruiz--charcuterie, great cheese and small plates, as well as a bunch of satisfying braised dishes that are perfect for this cold snap we're finally having.
the duck confit salad with arugula and marconas is something i have missed tremendously, and i was so happy to see its return. my husband and i shared that and an order of yam ravioli. i''m not a big truffle fan, but these were delicious, and while the scent of truffle was definitely in the air, the taste was subtle enough to win me over. we shared the pork shoulder with amazing polenta and bacon (because ruiz and i agree that there's no such thing as too much pork!) and green chiles. that was just heaven, that plate. a side of roasted brussels sprouts --with more bacon!--were just earthy nuggets of goodness.
can't wait to eat (and drink--thoughtful wine offerings by rosso wine shop, just down the road), and $10 corkage. hell, yeah, we'll be back...probably later this week!

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  1. I loved the pork shoulder and polenta as well (I've already been twice!)

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      i'll be picking up a couple packages in montrose this afternoon...hmmm. braised pork panino with fontina? braised pork twice in less than 24 hours seems wrong.
      or very, very right.

    2. I completely agree! I am so happy to have The Fork in our Montrose neighborhood. Great food! Great prices! The brussel sprouts with bacon and the pork shoulder were exceptional. I cannot wait to return and try something new. My father ordered the halibut and it was perfect as well. I am really hoping that The Fork will survive and thrive.

      1. Wow, I must go there for dinner. I just wrote a blog post about Montrose and added Fork to the list but I only went there for lunch and had a simple panini. I really must go back for dinner to get my fork in to the menu and concept. How were the pumpkin raviolis and short ribs? That's what I was most looking forward to trying

        1. didnt get back quick enough.fork partnership apparently over, and the place is back to being gail's bistro. that was quick. and i really wanted some braised goodness tonight.

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            1. re: chez cherie

              Ah! That explains why I couldn't find the sign yesterday. We went to "Gail's" instead for lunch and it was still very good. The wine list has remained and the cooking is honest and personal; I had something akin to beef bourguignon over noodles that was good on a cold day.