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Dec 3, 2009 06:00 PM

Final Theater Italian Restaurant Question

So I posted a question a few days ago and did some research after hearing some of your feedback. Going to the minskoff theater with my girlfiend at W45th and 7th and looking for a good italian place within 1-2 blocks. Have narrowed it down to about 4 choices and just want to hear the opinion of those who have frequented these places or know about them.
1) Bond 45: very close to the theater however haven't seen great reviews and prices seem a bit high.
2) Trattoria Dopo Teatro: personally liked the menu but again in reading some previous threads seems that people weren't too impressed.
3) Trattoria Trecoloir: haven't heard much about it, seems good.
4) Scarlatto: was recommended by someone on another food message board.

Thanks a bunch for all of your feedback, looking forward to finally making a decision.

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  1. I recommended Orso on your other thread. Is there some reason you don't think this would be suitable?

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    1. re: rrems

      No reason, just completely forgot about this one, haha.

    2. Of the ones you've listed, I've only been to Bond 45 and Trattoria Trecolori. I liked my meal at Bond 45 (esp. the mozzarella plate for the table). But I really like the meals I've had at Trecolori. Bond 45 tended to be quite loud and little corporate/business feeling, if you know what I mean. Trecolori was more warm and, if you sit upstairs, quieter, but still a bustling fun place. I've had the ravioli special several times and it is always delicious. If I recall correctly, Trecoloi's prices are somewhat more gentle than Bond 45, if that makes a difference for you. You should also check menupages and you can see if there's anything special that strikes your fancy on either of the menus.

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        In that area, I like La Masseria better than those listed. Also, if you go on restaurant row to Orso, I like Becco better.

      2. Yes, Becco over Orso.