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Dec 3, 2009 05:37 PM

Crave cake vs Cakeworks? Calgary

Hello all! I'm thinking about ordering a cake. I'm very torn on which to go with, Crave or Cakeworks. Crave has red velvet which I LOVE and I know they taste great. But Cakeworks can make a cake that looks like POUTINE. Does anyone have any input on which one I should go with? Thank you in advance!

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  1. I've had cakes from both and I'd say go with Cakeworks; they not only look amazing, they taste great. I had the red velvet with creamcheese icing from Crave for my birthday a couple weeks past and I thought it too sweet (and I'm the Queen of Sweets) and nothing really special; the cupcake itself is much better. Cakeworks lets you pick whatever filling you want as well as a really yummy icing. Btw, if you get the poutine cake, please post a pic, I'd love to see what it looks like.

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      I've had cakes from both places and I prefer Bliss & Co. in Chinatown. Yes it's difficult to get there if you're not in the area but the ladies there are very accomodating. I find their red velvet better than Crave's but even better for me is Bliss' Black Velvet cake!

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        Here's a link to another thread about Bliss. I tried them because I was hearing so much about them. I found Crave too sweet and now I am always hungry for Bliss cakes.

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          Unfortunately Bliss doesn't seem to have a website. :( For something like this I really want a website to see what I'm ordering ahead of time, heh.

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            I've ordered many Cakeworks cakes over the years and honestly, if it's more about the artwork - go with Cakeworks, but if it's all about the quality then in my books Bliss wins hands down.

            I don't know if Bliss is strictly from scratch but it looks like Cakeworks now uses mixes -

            1. re: maplesugar

              Bliss is from scratch! The last time I went in there, I was talking to one of the sisters who runs the place about how cupcakes from other bakeries around the city tasted like they were made from cake mix, and almost immediately she assured me that "cake mix" was like a bad word around their bakery. They do everything from scratch, high quality ingredients, and furthermore are 100% nut free. I agree with you Maplesugar -- Bliss for the taste and quality, Cakeworks for the "poutine" artsy factor.

              1. re: kemen

                I agree. Bliss' cakes taste great! But the decoration is pretty simplistic... if you're looking for a poutine shaped cake then Cakeworks is the way to go.

                I also found this link online:

                It says they require 48hrs notice, I know the girls did my cake for us with 24 hrs notice though and were super accomodating. Hope this helps

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                  For what it's worth, Crave also professes to be from scratch.

              2. re: AriaDream

                Throwing in another vote for Bliss on taste, by a wide margin. Cakeworks for the decoration. Like foodkarma, I find Crave too sweet.

                But I agree! The Bliss owners should have a website so even more people can discover their great product. Maybe they're already very/too busy as it is?

                1. re: aktivistin

                  Isn't it still just the two sisters running the place? Sounds like more than word of mouth would make them almost too busy. Baking takes time no matter how you do it. I wouldn't want Bliss to sacrifice quality for the sake of producing more to meet increased demand from web traffic. If I were going to get a cake from them I'd probably call/email and see if they could send me a pic.

        2. Brulee has a website with pictures, no poutine cakes but great taste.

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            I checked that out... but I'm in the far NW. They might as well be on the moon, especially right now. *looks at the blizzard* Cakeworks delivers.

          2. I've decided to get the poutine cake! :) I've always wanted a special cake like that and I love poutine... hehe. I'm going to get a friend to photograph it. I just hope it tastes as good as it looks!