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Dec 3, 2009 05:32 PM

Short Notice Lunch for Sat. Please Help!

My daughter's future mother in law and sister in laws are coming to the city this Saturday. My daughter, who lives in SF, asked me to meet them for lunch. They are staying somewhere in the 50's and they mentioned Columbus Circle. They want to meet for lunch on Saturday. Not too expensive as they have two wedding to plan this year and I know money is an issue. However, I would like good food. I tried Jean George but all booked up. Someplace cozy, nice atmosphere where 6 women can sit and talk and drink over lunch is perfect. I was thinking of Fig and Olive on 52nd. Heard good reviews from people at work. Any help would be appreciated. Short on time obviously. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Fig and Olive is a bit on the pricey side, but it would be a very pleasant place for the group you describe. It's very ladies-who-lunch-y. The food isn't super-fantastic, but it's nice and refined, and the atmosphere is elegant but not stuffy. (I've only been to the UES branch, but I can't imagine the others are much different.)

    1. Did you ask about Nougatine?

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        Yep, Nougatine also booked. Waiting list for both are long.

      2. bump for any other ideas

        1. A quiet table in the back of Bice on 54th street should not be too expensive at lunch.

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            Bice not too expensive? Total Eurotrash rip off. And only have brunch menu on weekends.

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              I was not sure what Bice was like at lunch...I had dinner there years ago. What about BLT Market on Central Park South.

          2. Landmarc in Time Warner has a reservation for 6 at 12:30 this sat on opentable.