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Dec 3, 2009 04:57 PM

Good lunch spot for veg/seafood options within 5-10 minutes of Dundas & University?

First off, let me say I've read the thread that was focused at Dundas and Yonge so I've noted Burrito Boyz, Sandwhich shop and Poutinerie. I'm also familiar with Coconut Grove, Spadina Gardens and Yu Teung (not sure I spelled that right).

Anything else?

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  1. The tofu Veg dumplings from Mothers Dumplings at Dundas and Huron are a good lunch option but are probably just out of your walking distance range. Hmmmm.....
    Gallery Sushi at Villiage by the Grange has great Veg sushi for cheap. High ratio of filling to rice. Yam Tempura, large fresh avocado chunks etc. For take out 2 rolls are $5.50! It's a cute little place to boot. I think you would like Edible.

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    1. Kenzo Ramen is within walking distance (I can't remember the exact street names but it's right across the Longo's). So is Japango (Elizabeth St.). Avenue Cafe (near CIBC) should have tuna and salmon sandwiches and salads, too.

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        If by "veg", you mean vegetarian, careful with Kenzo, I stand to be corrected but I believe the broth to be meat (pork) based. There is a nice place in the food court of Village by the Grange called Karine's. They make up an incredible vegan plate.

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          I've never heard of Karine's and I usually avoid food courts so I would have missed it but vegan plate sounds intriguing.

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            The food court in Village by the Grange is better than your average food court. There's also Helena's Magic Kitchen for quiche and salads. Their latkes aren't too bad either.

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            Thanks for the rec on Karine's. I tried V by the G for the first time today and while I couldn't see the name of the place, it had to be the place you're referring to. I got there around 12:30 so fewer selections but what I had was good---very creative (esp. for a food court). I'll definitely be back. (And I was pretty impressed with the VBTG food court in general; it's got some of the blah blah chains but it also has some neat little one-ofs.)

        2. I think Kensington Market is probably doable in 10 minutes from that area. There are a bunch of options there for a vegetarian.

          My recommendation closer would be Baldwin street (north on McCaul, before College)... It is Vegetarian Haven. I haven't been myself yet but I have heard a lot of good things.

          Also, on Elm Street is "Comensal". I lot of people will say it is over priced for what it is (basically... a "self serve buffet style" vegetarian place. You pay by the weight of the plate). however it is pretty decent just watch how much you load on the plate as it adds up!

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            I have been to Vegetarian Haven and it's decent. Baldwin is definitely one of the places to go to.

            I know Commensal very well (since know the Dundas/Yonge stuff pretty well--it's the University/Dundas I'm more ignorant about--or I was anyway).

            I might try Kensington Market--I'm curious about the veg empanada and Big Fat Burrito is pretty good.