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Dec 3, 2009 04:10 PM

London - European Delis, Grocers and Restaurants?

Noodles, sausages, breads, seasonings (paprika), sour cabbage, pork cracklings, baked goods and the usual stuff. Are there any?

Also, impressions of Budapest Restaurant(name?) downtown on Dundas immediatley east of Richmond. How is it and what are their offerings? I usually whiz right through but had to drive about this past week.

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  1. Alicia's (new name for Sikorski's) on Trafalgar just a block west of Highbury is probably the best of our Eastern European delis/grocers. Lots of meats, sausages, sweets, etc. Alicia's certainly has the best frozen perogy section, as well as best poppyseed roll selection in London.

    There's also Kleiber's in the Covent Garden Market (formerly a German owned deli now owned by Poles), a Polish deli called European Delights in Wonderland Corners strip plaza on Wonderland south of Sarnia Rd (which has a good deli meat selection, as well as a decent bottled borscht, and paczkis), and another Eastern European deli called Eurobest off of Huron near Highbury, in the mall on the northwest corner.

    Here is a recent article on delis/bakeries in London:

    Remark Market (the closest thing to Pusateri's in London) at the corner of Oxford and Hyde Park has a good selection of spaetzle, egg noodles, pastas, breads, canned red cabbage, sauerkraut, paprika, canned German soups, etc. Remark also sells Sikorski sausages, and probably has the best deli meat department in London right now. Best Ontario lamb I've found in London, too.

    Angelo's (3 or 4 locations) also carries quite a few Polish products, esp. the cookies, quite a few European deli meats, and several Polish cheeses.

    Haven't been to Budapest in a few years- it's been owned by the same lady (an elderly Zsa Zsa type who likes to visit each table) for years and years, and they serve homestyle Hungarian food. Goulash, Paprikash, Palascinta, etc. It was one of my favourite restaurants when I was growing up.

    Marienbad on Carling is another option for Central European food. Marienbad has schnitzel, goulash, paprikash, trout. I wasn't that impressed by their version of paprikash on my last visit.
    menu at marienbad:

    Also, the Bosnian owned Hot Oven sells great Burek in the Market.

    If you're looking for European Cheeses, Smith Cheese in the Covent Garden Market has the best selection of imported and domestic cheeses in London, including about 8 types of feta.

    There's a Polish bakery at 549 Hamilton Road called London Bakery and Delicatessen.

    There's also International Bakery for Italian deli & baked goods, Perfect Bakery which is a Greek Bakery/Deli/Grocery at 92 Hamilton near Adelaide, as well as several Portuguese shops on Hamilton Road.

    Nova Era has a location near the Western Fair, selling Portuguese breads, pastries and a few deli items.

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      Your list gives me something to chew on.

      Especial thanks for threads to the Budapest. I didn't mention but our travel routine usually puts us in London around lunch time and I think that even their lightest menu offering wouldn't suit. Kliebers on the other hand looks interesting for all our needs and is very convenient, too. I've never been to that market and it would certainly make a pleasant break on a 4-hour drive.

      Thank you so much, phoenikia.

      1. re: DockPotato

        You're welcome! Kleiber's does have a hot table, as do several other vendors at the market. There are tables located closest to the Talbot Street entrance, if you're looking to sit down and have a bite to eat.

        Marienbad has a nicer, brighter atmosphere than the Budapest for lunch, and it is a 5 minute walk from the market (if you exit the Northern exit of the Market, closest to Dundas Street, cut through the passage near the Shopper's Drug Mart, cross Dundas, then walk through the Kingsmill's Department Store to Carling Street where the Marienbad is located), so you could always have a light lunch at Marienbad if you're going to be visiting the Market. If you make a purchase of $20 or more at the Kingsmill's department store (which has a lovely kitchenware section and carries some upscale teas, jams, etc.), you're entitled to 2 free hours of parking at the Market. Just bring your ticket from the parking garage, and your receipt to the Kingsmill's office, and they'll validate the parking for you.