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Suggestions for "affordable" steakhouse during boyz Vegas weekend please

My husband is planning a long weekend in Vegas with a number of his friends this January. All of them are in their mid 30s and employed, but there are 7 of them, and thus 7 opinions to consider. The foodies want to live it up with steak dinners; the less food focused are voting for buffet all the way.

My husband REALLY wants to go to craftsteak but its too expensive for some of the guys. He is reluctant to give up the steakhouse experience altogether, so I told him I'd pose the question here for alternative steakhouses that A) are on the strip, B) have other options besides steak for the more cost aware in the bunch and C) are high caliber.

I - and he - welcome your thoughts!

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  1. I think N9NE at the Palms is what you are looking for. It's close to the strip and an easy cab ride. It has many other non-steak options. The food is quite good; maybe not at the level of Craftsteak, but only true foodies will appreciate a difference. The prices are high, but not Craftsteak high. Everyone will walk out full.

    1. What about Striphouse in Planet Hollywood? Went here for my bachelorette party and it was perfect - food was great and not crazy expensive and the atmosphere was super fun. I think this would be a perfect place for a bunch of guys.


      1. The Palm, a branch of the New York City steakhouse with some Italian dishes besides their steaks and chops.


        1. Stripsteak at the Mandalay Bay is a very good steakhouse, and you can get coupons at restaurant.com - $50 certificate for $20. I think there's a 70% off code floating around, so you could get a $50 gift certificate for $6. They also have deals on other high-end restaurants at the Mandalay Bay, like Mix.

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            Thanks for all the suggestions. I read nice things about Stripsteak and surprisingly, about the Golden Nugget as well (???) - anyone know about Vics @ the Nugget?

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              I wasn't really thrilled by the food at Vic's at the Nugget. However, I do highly recommend Triple George Grill--which has a totally old school Vegas downtown vibe. We went there with a really large party and the service and food were fantastic...and ridiculously affordable.

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              Does anybody have details on this? How to use a code to buy a $50 Stripsteak gift certificate for $6?

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                I'm not sure if the sale is still on, but if it is, try typing the word "SHARE" into the promotional code box at checkout. If you hit "apply" and "share" is no longer valid, it will warn you, so you won't be stuck paying full price.

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                Dined at Stripsteak with 7 other gals for my bachelorette party last year. Let's say it was pretty expensive -- over $150/person. We tried a lot of dishes by sharing -- it was good but the price / quality ratio didn't work for me enough to go back.

                3950 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV

              3. The Steak House at Circus Circus has been around for a very long time but still has good steaks and other choices. It's not at the top level of LV steak houses but neither are the prices.

                1. DH and I had some delicious dry-aged beef at Gallagher's in NY/NY. Straightforward, good food at a very good price. Tasty salads too.

                  1. This is just my humble opinion, but if Craftsteak is too pricey for some in your group then so will be Stripsteak, N9NE, Delmonico, Cut, Carnevino, SW, Prime, Kokomo's, Rare 120, Charlie Palmer, et al.

                    Some choices that might be better:

                    Circus Circus Steakhouse - I've never been but it gets praise here and elsewhere. I don't really trust the Best of ... in the Review Journal but who knows.

                    Golden Steer - Italian steakhouse on the corner of Sahara and LVB. Great joint with velvet wallpaper, pleather booths, and kitschy waiters.

                    The trifecta of Gallagher's ( NYNY ), Striphouse ( PH ), and The Palm ( Forum Shops in Caesar's ) might be your best bets.

                    I've dined at Gallagher's - not phenomenal, IMO, but not horrible. If you decide on this place you should make sure you know that they serve dry-aged steaks exclusively. The taste is simply not for me.

                    The Palm - a chain with decent food but nothing really standout or spectacular. I rarely ever go there because I prefer Craft, Stripsteak, N9NE, etc ... you get the picture.

                    One last option that actually would probably be near the top of my list ( given the same parameters ) would be Smith & Wollensky on the Strip across the street from the Monte Carlo between Showcase Mall and Planet Hollywood. Again, it's a chain, but they do some good food and it suits a group of guys pretty well.

                    Good luck with your search. Let us know how it goes, preferably with some reviews.

                    1. The purpose of Las Vegas is simply to separate you from your money. "Affordable" and "reasonably priced" are not within the casino lexicon. Please understand that.

                      In most situations the decision is between: GOOD, CHEAP or FAST. Pick any two. In Las Vegas your choices are: CHEAP, GREAT or GOOD VALUE. Pick any ONE.

                      Sorry... it's just the way bean counters make things happen.

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                        I understand this very much - have been to Vegas, wined & dined & gambled and so on - and I know that it simply costs an incredible amount to just BREATHE there.
                        My husband and some of the guys he'll be travelling with understand this as well and would like their dinner to be GREAT, as you say - but some of the other ones in their group are hoping to do it CHEAP.
                        We're trying to see if there's a way to make everyone happy, or at least not divide them too horribly.
                        Good suggestions here and I thank you for all of them...will run this all by the man and let you know where they end up!

                      2. Canal Street at the Orleans might fit the bill.


                        1. REDWOOD AT CALIFORNIA HOTEL

                          1. Try The Range Steakhouse at Harrahs. Very good food, better prices than other suggestions. They usually have a jazz goup playing in the lounge.

                            The Range Steakhouse
                            3475 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

                            1. Alright, this is going to get flamed but damn the torpedos. its good food we seek!!!! Try the Ellis Island steak and eggs off the menu special from 11pm to 6am @ the ellis island casino, in their coffee shop/dining room.. The boys will no doubt be awake for this and it is shockingly good for the price, REALLY I am not kidding!!! send them to this "strip adjacent gem" Let the bitching begin!!! But beware I will be throwin down there next week right alongside many other hallowed Vegas dining halls.

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                                The only bitching you are going to hear is that your post was way too late for these boyz.

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                                  But only by, oh, a little over a year so its okay...they'll get over it. And for whatever its worth, they ended up splurging at Craftsteak and had a spectacular meal there...

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                                    IMHO, Craftsteak is a poor value. Went there expecting that a place run by a judge on Top Chef (Tom Colicchio) would have more than run-of-the-mill sides. I recognize it is not supposed to be a fine dining restaurant, but found the food to be overpriced and common.

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                                    oops didn't look at the date, at least it keeps the discussion going.

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                                    I've been going to Ellis Island for years and like that steak special. But I don't know if that's the kind of place for a boys weekend steakhouse dinner. It's more of a diner atmosphere. I usually go with "the boys" for a vegas weekend and we have several people in our group who are on a tighter budget. Even they would agree Ellis is great for a late night meal or breakfast but not necessarily for a fun splurge type steak dinner.