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Dec 3, 2009 03:48 PM

Milwaukee spot to catch NHL action and decent food

Is there any place in the Milwaukee area that has decent food and the NHL package? I'm a Senators fan and would love to find a spot where I could catch some games and get a good meal!

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  1. I can't guarantee what will be playing on the TV, sorry. But, whenever we're down in that area, we like the Water Street Brewery. Or just go on over to the Bradley Center and catch an Admirals game live!

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    1. re: shaja

      I have eaten at Water Street Brewery when I'm downtown and like it, thanks for that suggestion. They are usually going to have on local interest games.

    2. The Fourth Base on National Ave near the VA has TVs all over the place and excellent food (and not just standard bar fare either). I'm sure you could catch a hockey game there.

      Fourth Base Restaurant
      5117 W National Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53214

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      1. re: Fydeaux

        Thanks for the suggestion. I have not eaten there yet, I'll try that in the next week or so.

      2. Major Goolsby's maybe? I'd give them a call.

        1. I grew up in Milwaukee, and never watched a hockey game until I moved to Minnesota. Unfortunately, even with the Admirals, Milwaukee isn't much of a hockey town so you'll have to really look for a true sports bar that has enough tvs where someone will change a channel for you.

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          1. re: GutGrease

            You're right. But the real problem is that places with good food, like Hooligan's or Fourth Base, have just about every package in the world, except hockey.