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Dec 3, 2009 03:38 PM

Chocolate Covered Bacon?!? YES!

Ran over this afternoon to Bristol farms in the basement of the westfield to buy some milk and decided to take a break and see what they had dipped for the day at the chocolate fountain in the other half (the half with the flowers and toothbrushes and all that...)and my firend and i were intrigued to see big thick slab bacon dipped in dark chocolate. of course we had to try it. And of course, it was totally awesome. we bought 4 more pieces to share with everyone in our office.

Just thought i would let you all know.

1.30 a piece, but totally worth it.

Happy Holidays

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  1. I was able to try it to somewhere (can't remember where) and I agree - it's awesome! $1.30 seems very reasonable. It was better, surprisingly, than Vosges' bacon bar chocolates put out - I guess a lot of bacon with chocolate is better than just bacon bits.

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    1. re: Claudette

      We looked at the ingredients of the Vosges bacon bar and it said "Bacon (......)" - in the parenthesis was a list of ingredients making up the "bacon" in the chocolate bar, most not pork-related, though it did contain some sort of pork. So an actual bar made of a slab of bacon covered in dark chocolate is really intriguing!

      1. re: Claudette

        Love the crispy bacon bits in Mo's Bacon Bar by Vosges. I think that it has plenty of bacon goodness as is.

      2. I'd love to try making this at home, especially since I don't know when I can get to Bristol Farms. Was the bacon thickly sliced, crisp bacon? My understanding of "slab bacon" is unsliced bacon, usually with the skin still on.

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        1. re: pilinut

          it ws thick cut bacon that was fried pretty well, so there wasn't a lot of play in it. and then dipped in a thick coating of dark chocolate.

        2. Do you have an opinion of whether the chocolate covered bacon would travel well? Meaning packed and shipped as a gift.

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          1. re: Mick Ruthven

            sorry for the super late reply, i would say no, but i am sure if you wrapped it up in some wax or parchment paper and padded the box well and sent it during the colder months, it would be ok. The pieces i brought home from the store made it in tact with minimal melting of the chocolate. but they definitely need to stay on the cool side.