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Dec 3, 2009 03:11 PM

Diameter of the LC 2-3/4qt round oven?

I'm very interested in the LC 2-3/4qt round oven (thanks to the tip from another here that LC has them promo priced!), but am concerned about whether it will fit on my one (small!) remaining shelf on my pot stand!

Thanks for any help y'all can provide!

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  1. Hey GirlyQs, Amazon has these measurements:
    Product Dimensions: 8 x 12.8 x 5.5 inches ; 7.7 pounds
    If that doesn't do the trick and you don't get a better answer in the next week, post a reminder and I'll measure mine -- I should get it late next week.

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    1. re: herring

      Yeah, I'm just not sure if that's pot dimensions or box dimensions (for their shipping?). I guess I could check it vs. some of the pieces I already own to at least get a guesstimate. Or, I suppose I could see how the 8" measurement would fit first . . ..

      I appreciate the measurement offer! I'll try to remember to bump next week too (ah, how I miss my brain and short-term memory these days, lol!).

      1. re: herring

        Any chance you've gotten it and could measure for me?

        The remaining shelf on the pot rack is *just barely* over 8" . . . not sure it would work. But, I'm SO tempted to find out as w/ the promo pricing, etc, it's just such a good deal!

        1. re: Girly_Qs

          It should arrive today -- I'll let you know when I get home from work.

          1. re: herring


            (and WOW you're FAST! lol)

            1. re: Girly_Qs

              Hah! I had just checked in this morning (this site is getting to be an addiction), and didn't even realize I was responding just a minute later! Anyway, I'm sorry to say -- for both of us -- that my LC did not come today. It should come tomorrow, though (10 days later!), and I'll definitely measure it for you when I get home. Just wanted you to know I didn't forget.

      2. Definitive size chart kindly provided in the middle of this thread. Haven't bothered checking figures, but no reason to doubt them.

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        1. re: Robin Joy

          So, it looks like the 2-3/4qt round is just shy of 8" . . . I wonder if that's pot diameter, or lid diameter? I know that's kind of a nit-picky difference, but it might mean the difference between fitting (or not!) on the remaining shelf of my pot stand, lol!

          Also, based on those #'s it looks like the 2-3/4qt is about 3/4" wider around than the 2qt . . .. I wish I knew it would fit! ;)

          1. re: Girly_Qs

            The 2 3/4 qt round isn't part of the list Robin Joy referred you to -- the only 2 3/4 listed was an oval. At it's widest point, the 2 3/4 round french oven is 11 inches, including the handles. The base is technically 6 inches, but it flares out a tiny bit, and you'd probably need a shelf that can hold a 7- 7.5-inch bottom, no more than that, though. Hope that helps; let me know if you need some other sort of measurement.

            1. re: herring

              THANK YOU! I think it should fit then - from my best measurements, my shelf should hold a smidge over 8-inches. I can squeeze them in on a diagonal (have to do that with my buffet casserole and my soup pot!), but I need that lid diameter to come in at just less than 8-inches or so.

              I hope it will work, since it sounds like it may be coming for Christmas!