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Dec 3, 2009 03:01 PM

Great thin-crust (Roman style) pizza

I'm on the email list for this place, and got a message that a new pizza oven was wired. We tried it tonight, and Chris Brophy makes a great, thin-crust pie. We tried the Duke Kahanamoko - prosciutto, pineapple, fresh mozz and a rosemaryish tomato sauce, and also the Chef's Special. He forgot about that one, and though he let us eat it, he also made a second one for us to bring home at no charge. Small but decent beer & wine selection.

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    1. re: repete

      A Google search suggests that it's likely Rhode Island Reds Cafe in Hyattesville.

      I guess Fraser must have been so enthusiastic about the pizza that he forgot to mention the name of the restaurant, or maybe the chef is just so famous that "everyone knows" where he's working.