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Dec 3, 2009 02:27 PM

Where to go for a bite after midnite around the 40's / times sq area?

Gonna be at a concert up there and expect to get hungry after where should we go?
Price is no issue and it will be a bigger party 8ish people

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  1. I haven't had very many meals near times square and I always viewed it as mainly tourist trap places. My brother did however take me to a Japanese place call Sake Bar Hagi about a month ago on 49th between 7th ave and ave of the americas and it was pretty good and stays open until 3. Most of the dishes are small so you can just keep ordering and ordering kind of like tapas style while polishing off bottles of saki. If you aren't into Japanese food don't bother.

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      I am a big fan of Hagi, but it gets VERY crowded. A party of eight might have a bitch of a time getting seated, even after midnight.

      1. re: small h

        That's true. I wonder if they would take a reservation for a party that big.