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Dec 3, 2009 01:36 PM

Help me with peas or green beans for Christmas

I want a peas or green beans dish to serve at Christmas. I have a couple of possibilities in mind, but none that thrill me entirely. My current green bean dish is beans w/bacon, brown sugar, garlic, and butter, and it's good but getting old. My current peas dish is basically haluski minus the noodles, but I've made haluski for dinner a lot lately and it's getting old too. Any other ideas? (nothing with cream cheese or sour cream please, other dairy is fine). Or, if anyone has a colorful dish with white beans (like with red and green in it too), I'm open to that too. thanks!

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  1. Maybe this would work for you. I do a mixture of stringed and julienned snow pea pods, haricot vert, petit pois, and frresh asparagus tips. Cook each individually until tender-crisp, then just before serving, rewarm in a skillet with butter. I have no problem using frozen beans and peas. I use fresh pea pods and asparagus (save the stems for a small batch of soup). Salt and pepper along the way, butter at the end.

    1. white beans with braised kale or chard, sun-dried tomatoes, and pancetta or chorizo.

      1. I made green beans for Thanksgiving that essentially used the ingredients of gremolata; they were very bright tasting, and a total success. I blanched green beans until not quite done, shocked with cold water, and drained. Right before dinnertime, I sauteed the beans in olive oil with minced garlic until the beans were hot, not letting the garlic color, just cook a bit. Then I tossed it all with minced Italian parsley, lemon zest, and the juice of a lemon.

        1. My favorite is haricot vert (which I steam, then shock so they are bright green). Reheat in a skillet w/ brown butter then sprinkle w. crumbled gorgonzola & toasted pecans, then fleur de sel. So good.

          1. This is a really tasty and easy recipe from Bon App├ętit .
            Green Beans with Caramelized Shallots