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Dec 3, 2009 01:20 PM

In Search of Andouille in Dallas!

Any ideas on a good source of Andouille here in Dallas.

I tried out Central Market and it's pretty so so... I figure with us being so close to Louisiana there's got to be some dynomite Andouille somewhere nearby, I just haven't found it yet.

Looking forward to hearing some responses....


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  1. good luck I havnet seen the real deal around here.

    1. not to hijack the thread but along the same lines...where can i find good boudin?

      1. Many years ago, before CM and WF, Kuby's was one of the few places that carried Andouille sausage. I don't know if they still carry it.

        1. Good luck! I've been looking for 7 yrs. I still swing by The Best Stop in Scott LA and load up and bring it home. I'm not impressed with CM's sausage.
          Now there IS a new place in Keller on S. Main that offers Andouille and boudin but I think the label says it's from Oklahoma so take it for what it's worth

          1. I haven't tried them, but has anyone tried Bayou Market in Lewisville -

            For years, about this time (Christmas) they start TV advertising their turducken and other Cajun specialties. They have both andouille and boudin listed on their deli meats section.

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              Went here for lunch today. Ok shrimp po-boy (there's garlic in the batter), but the roast beef po-boy was nothing more than an unseasoned roast beef sandwich - dry with no gravy to help it along.

              But, as to the sausage and meats, good bad or indifferent - they make their own boudin, and also carry the Savoie brand (SW La) of Pickled Pork, Boudin, Andouille and Tasso. Also - which I'm VERY excited about: They carry Camillia beans - kidneys, pintos, large lima (butter beans) and great Northern.

              ~~ The current owner indicated he is not one of the original owners who went by the name Bayou Boys. ~~