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In Search of Andouille in Dallas!

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Any ideas on a good source of Andouille here in Dallas.

I tried out Central Market and it's pretty so so... I figure with us being so close to Louisiana there's got to be some dynomite Andouille somewhere nearby, I just haven't found it yet.

Looking forward to hearing some responses....


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  1. good luck I havnet seen the real deal around here.

    1. not to hijack the thread but along the same lines...where can i find good boudin?

      1. Many years ago, before CM and WF, Kuby's was one of the few places that carried Andouille sausage. I don't know if they still carry it.

        1. Good luck! I've been looking for 7 yrs. I still swing by The Best Stop in Scott LA and load up and bring it home. I'm not impressed with CM's sausage.
          Now there IS a new place in Keller on S. Main that offers Andouille and boudin but I think the label says it's from Oklahoma so take it for what it's worth

          1. I haven't tried them, but has anyone tried Bayou Market in Lewisville - http://www.thebayoumarket.com/

            For years, about this time (Christmas) they start TV advertising their turducken and other Cajun specialties. They have both andouille and boudin listed on their deli meats section.

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              Went here for lunch today. Ok shrimp po-boy (there's garlic in the batter), but the roast beef po-boy was nothing more than an unseasoned roast beef sandwich - dry with no gravy to help it along.

              But, as to the sausage and meats, good bad or indifferent - they make their own boudin, and also carry the Savoie brand (SW La) of Pickled Pork, Boudin, Andouille and Tasso. Also - which I'm VERY excited about: They carry Camillia beans - kidneys, pintos, large lima (butter beans) and great Northern.

              ~~ The current owner indicated he is not one of the original owners who went by the name Bayou Boys. ~~

            2. SMOKE makes their own andoulle sausage and it is fantastic. Ask them if they will sell it to you to go.

              1. Not too sure about andouille sausage in Dallas but, I ran across this in the current Cook's Illustrated magazine.
                The winning sausage can be mail ordered.



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                    So I placed an order on Jacob's and still haven't heard from them. Finally got through after calling for 2 days and they inform me they have been so busy, they havent even looked at their online orders or emails. They're just going to dump all the orders and start all over after the 1st of the year.
                    BUT i DID find my favorite store has a website and ships!!

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                      As someone who's tried about every shop in LaPlace (Andoille Capital of the World), I can tell you Jacob's is the real thing! I'm originally from Baton Rouge and used to make the 1.5-hour drive down there if I was making gumbo and had run out of andouille. Their tasso is pretty good too.

                      They ship world wide and were really swamped this year for Christmas orders because of several magazine write-ups - - I actually tried to call this afternoon and was told yesterday noon was the cut-off for any new shipped orders until Jan 4 (their website shows the same info.)

                      Anyway, pricing is great - - you pay the same to have shipped as you would walking into the storefront. They can vacuum seal for $1-$2 per bag, and it ships UPS 2-day because doesn't need to refrigerate for fully-cooked smoked meats. The UPS Store box & shipping cost is billed seperately without any extra handling charge.

                      Try them again and YOU WILL NOT BE DISSAPOINTED!


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                        When I head back to Florida we always stop at the Best Stop Market.
                        Guess I'll have to try Jacob's some other time.


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                          UPDATE: be sure to ask about shipping costs! After they had to absorb a huge amount of loss during Christmas Season 2009 due to delivery delays by UPS, their policy changed to next day delivery only. It can be quite expensive.

                    2. i'm in austin, but i can't believe that the same products aren't available at central market stores there: i just bought a couple of packages of comeaux's andouille at my south austin central market -- which i had been buying on line from louisiana. if anyone cares, CM also sells an authentic spanish chorizo.

                      1. The only place I know is the Cajun Smoke House in Ponder TX close to Denton. They make and sell smoked Sausages, Boudin, Boudin Balls, Crawfish Balls, Andouille and everything tastes wonderful. I love their Beef Jerky and got addicted to it. I am not sure if the have a webpage but I have their phone number and email address if anybody wants to know.

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                          I would like the address. I only know of just the Syracuse sausage factory and the Ponder Steakhouse in Ponder. I am curious whereabouts in Ponder it is. The phone number would be helpful also!

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                            Not a problem I found it. The Cajun Smoke House 940-312-9055. They offer Boudin, Tasso, Andouille and the Jal Boudin Balls have me adicted. Prices are very reasonable $14 for 40 Boudin Balls and $12 for a 5 lbs Boudin Box.

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                              Here is the address for the Cajun Smoke House: 11648 Peppermint Lane, Ponder TX 76259

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                                Thanks I appreciate the response!

                                Ponder is so small it is hard to miss any store, but I guess you can miss something in this case. I don't mind the quick 15 min drive from Lewisville into rural Denton county.

                                Thanks again!

                          2. Thanks for all the tips! Smoke looks fantastic, I'll hit that up for lunch sometime soon. It also looks like I'll be making a trip out to Ponder before too long as well. For those of you who were asking about Boudin, check out this website, http://www.boudinlink.com/ there's still nothing in Dallas, but there's a interactive map for the next time you plan a road trip

                            1. try kuby's is near smu and it is a german sausage shop...very good andouille and smoke sausage i really enjoyed it.

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                                I have seen Andouille at the Fiesta on S. Buckner in Pleasant Grove, and I believe Jimmy's Food Store in east Dallas at Bryan and Fitzhugh carries it. I'd call first if those stores are out of your way.

                              2. Cajun Smoke House in Ponder (Denton/Dallas) has a web page www.cajunsmokehouse.net

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                                  I tried the Cajun Smokehouse right after seeing this post - - The "store" at that time was relatively new and being operated out of the owner's back yard. The tasso was pretty good and boudin is okay for grilling, but andouille was more the style found around Lafayette / Breaux Bridge area than the more heavily smoked and "hammy" German influenced variety popular in LaPlace.

                                  Today I see that their website is no longer active so am curious if anyone knows if they are still in operation. It's quite a drive out there from my place.

                                2. My family is from Louisiana, and, so far, we haven't found any good Cajun sausage in Dallas. But, we always looking for good boudin. In fact, we often visit back in Louisiana and drive down to Mamou, and buy 30 pounds of boudin from T-Boys. None better in Louisiana. I've tried the Best Stop boudin, in Scott, and it's not as good in my opinion. However, I do like the more traditional style of boudin. Hot does not make it great!

                                  P.S. The Savoie's boudin and Richard's boudin found in the supermarkets in not in the same class with local sources in Louisiana. Visit www.boudinlink.com ...

                                  1. Just moved to Dallas after 5 years in Baton Rouge - for commercially available somewhat readily, the Savoie is not bad.

                                    Albertsons carried it in the Red Stick, might also carry it here in Dallas.

                                    LaPlace is definitely Andouille central though.....

                                    1. When i need a Cajun fix and can't get to St. Martinville, Breaux Bridge or Lafayette, I just go to Cajungrocer.com. What a totally excellent use of internet content!

                                      1. I am from New Orleans. When I make red beans or gumbo I go to Kubys for andouille. It is a good replacement. On my last trip to NO I purchased several brands of andouille from Dorignac's. None were markedly better than Kubys. The ONLY place to buy boudin is in Southwest Louisiana...no place in Texas.

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                                          This place in North Dallas has no ANDOUILLE listed in the online offerings, but I've been in the store and there is a pretty good selection of real Louisiana product including turducken and Poche Bridge stuffed pork chops. Be forewarned though . . . they can get pretty pricey.

                                          Mr. Billy's Cajun Market

                                          Prestonwood Village

                                          5519 Arapaho Road, Suite 118

                                          Dallas, Texas 75248-6749

                                          Call: (972) 866-9400


                                          As far as grocery stores go, I've found after living here six years that, with it's HQ being down in Houston, the FIESTA MART chain carries a fair selection of product including the best price I've found on live crawfish in season. The only place I know in the area to get Double-D smoked sausage out of Bogalusa and Camilla brand dried beans.