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Dec 3, 2009 12:29 PM

Dishes to challenge a serious broiler?

We just upgraded our range to a Wolf R304, about which the salesman warned, "Don't walk away from the broiler."

What can I do with a high-powered broiler that I couldn't with our old normal one?

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  1. Didn't you ever want a salamander? You could have gotten a Wolf for $3,000 - but now you don't need one. I've never seen the need for one.

    1. Broiled fish A la Moonan. Place a cast iron frying in your oven, 3-5 inches away from the broiler, and turn the broiler on high. Heat the pan for 15 minutes. [His cookbook says top rack, but with my infrared, that is just too close. I put my rack on the second level.]

      Meanwhile, cut your fish fillets into portion-sizes. Dredge the skin side of the fish through some melted butter [1/2 tbs per fillet]. Rub the flesh side with a bit of the melted butter and dust with bread crumbs and chopped herbs.

      When the pan is ready, pull it out, and place the fish in the pan. It will sizzle, and it might throw some smoke. Place the pan with the fish back into the broiler. Fish will be perfectly cooked in 4-6 minutes depending on the thickness of the fillets.

      This is good, fast and delicious. Better than restaurant salamander fish.

      1. I have a salamander and it gets hot hot hot. I like to make croque monsieur with it
        Not very exotic but fun.

        1. get a char on your steaks that's a bit closer to what you'd get in a restaurant.

          1. An industrial-sized batch of creme bruleƩ?

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